Through comedic jabs and sports analogies aimed at ridiculing Republican policies, President Barack Obama built support from union workers and middleclass citizens during a passionate campaign speech Labor Day.
7:41 AM Sep 4, 2012
On a summer morning, marine biologist Ray Grizzle reaches into the waters of the Bronx River estuary and pulls up an oyster. The 2-year-old female is ''good and healthy.''
1:00 PM Sep 3, 2012
President Barack Obama visits Toledo today, a day before the start of the Democratic National Convention. Register reporter Andy Ouriel is covering the president's visit. Be sure to get a copy of Tuesday's Register for a story and another installment of the Register's "Chasing the President" series.
12:49 PM Sep 3, 2012
Ohio officials have removed ospreys from the list of "threatened" species in the state, a reflection of the fact the fish-eating birds are doing well.
9:00 AM Sep 3, 2012
With their slouch hats, whiskers and time-worn instruments, members of the 2nd South Carolina String Band look and sound like a Civil War camp band. And while they play ''Oh! Susannah'' and other familiar fare, they don't shy from other historical songs with inescapably racist overtones that may offend some modern listeners.
6:00 AM Sep 3, 2012
The following construction projects have been announced by the Ohio Department of Transportation for the week of Sept. 3:
5:00 AM Sep 3, 2012
In a tough Philadelphia neighborhood where an off-duty police officer was shot to death last month, a mother is afraid to walk to the corner store with her two children. In a Chicago area where 23 people have been killed by gunfire so far this year, kids don't want to go outside. In Harlem, a 26-year-old man worries his family will get hit by crossfire.
3:00 PM Sep 2, 2012
While Sandusky's rich are getting richer, the city's working poor are still eking out a meager existence. This is what the city's annual audit, released this past week, clearly indicates.
1:00 PM Sep 2, 2012
The Register sat down with State Sen. Mike Skindell recently to talk about his race for Ohio Supreme Court.
11:00 AM Sep 2, 2012
A statewide ban on texting took effect Friday, and the local lawmaker who wrote the law says he's confident it will save lives.
6:00 AM Sep 2, 2012
Don't expect President Barack Obama to try to reinvent himself next week at the Democratic Party's national convention. Instead, he and a slew of his defenders will seek to convince voters to stick with the president they know rather than gamble on someone new, a challenging task given that most Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction.
5:00 AM Sep 2, 2012