Declaring the American dream under siege, President Barack Obama called Tuesday night for a flurry of help for a hurting middle class and higher taxes on millionaires, delivering a State of the Union address packed with re-election themes. Restoring a fair shot for all, Obama said, is "the defining issue of our time."
10:29 PM Jan 24, 2012
(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) The Ohio Turnpike's westbound lanes closed for several hours Tuesday at the 91.8 mile marker near Ohio 53 in Fremont after a fatal crash.
9:25 PM Jan 24, 2012
A review of cemeteries administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs has revealed problems with 123 gravesites, including eight cases in which people were buried in the wrong gravesite.
4:11 PM Jan 24, 2012

After three weeks of participating in the FIT Challenge, I have to say the routine is becoming easier to get through.  Make sure you note I didn’t say it was easy!

3:35 PM Jan 24, 2012

Last week went great!  I finally have a routine down.  The workouts are getting tougher, though.

3:33 PM Jan 24, 2012

This past week was a week in which I feel as though I started to break through some self-imposed barriers.  As I began the week, one of the goals that my personal trainer Patrick Carmean set for me was to complete my time on the treadmill without using the handrails for support. 

3:31 PM Jan 24, 2012
The Ohio House narrowly agreed Tuesday to the governor's request to move this year's State of the State address from the Statehouse in Columbus to an eastern Ohio elementary school.
2:36 PM Jan 24, 2012
Q: Hi, I was wondering if you could find out why there was nothing in the paper about a newborn baby found to be left home alone since the day before. On Saturday Jan. 14, 2012 at 4:30 pm Sandusky Police were called the the 500 block of Perry St. to an apartment where someone in the downstairs apartment heard a baby crying for two days and knocked on the door and nobody was home with the baby so they called police. The baby was a newborn and the cop told the neighbor the baby was home alone since at least since the day before. The baby was taken by ambulance. Could you try to find something out about this? - Concerned Neighbor in Sandusky
12:18 PM Jan 24, 2012
Sandusky city commissioners said Monday they're gearing up to assemble a committee of residents and commissioners who can spearhead the search for a new police chief.
10:02 AM Jan 24, 2012
A Southern California woman was convicted Monday of arranging to have a former NFL player kill her millionaire boyfriend more than a decade ago to collect on a $1 million life insurance policy and other cash.
10:01 AM Jan 24, 2012
An attorney for a man accused of attempted murder says she can't represent him anymore because he won't pay her and he lies to her.
10:01 AM Jan 24, 2012
The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for northern Ohio until 7 p.m. Monday.
10:00 AM Jan 24, 2012
A 2-month-old girl spent at least half a day alone in a Perry Street apartment before her jailed parents finally told corrections officers to check on her Jan. 14.
8:30 AM Jan 24, 2012