For those 65 and older, this season's flu shot is only 9 percent effective against the most common and dangerous flu bug, according to a startling new government report.
9:02 AM Feb 24, 2013
Get all the results at and in the Sunday Register.
8:00 AM Feb 24, 2013
The world's oldest marathon runner ran his last race on Sunday at the age of 101.
7:00 AM Feb 24, 2013
Not that many years ago, three portraits hung in thousands of African-American homes, a visual tribute to men who had helped black people navigate the long journey to equality.
6:02 AM Feb 24, 2013
The regional police blotter is available today in the Sunday Register.
5:15 AM Feb 24, 2013
U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur is battling for tax dollars to enhance the lives of veterans living in a local home. Kaptur, D-Toledo, recently requested about $10.3 million in federal funds intended for several utility upgrades inside the Ohio Veterans Home.
5:00 AM Feb 24, 2013
If you could ask God any question, what would you ask?
2:44 PM Feb 23, 2013
A former superintendent went to prison in Texas for conspiring to remove low-performing students from classrooms to boost average test scores. Principals in Oklahoma and Missouri are out of their jobs after attendance-related scandals.
11:15 AM Feb 23, 2013
The Edison school board vowed to eliminate pay-to-participate fees and to hire elementary teachers if voters approve the district’s May tax levy.
9:58 AM Feb 23, 2013

There are too many reasons — too many red flags — for anyone to be comfortable with a Sandusky County special prosecutor’s motion to seal all the evidence in the investigation of the March 2, 2012, death of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios.

9:00 AM Feb 23, 2013
A World Trade Center developer asked a judge Wednesday to disqualify American Airlines from using an "act of war" defense to dodge property liability resulting from the Sept. 11 attacks.
6:01 AM Feb 23, 2013
Port Clinton police are zeroing in on a suspect who they believe might be the owner of a book recently bought at an auction that had child pornography hidden inside its cover.
5:00 AM Feb 23, 2013
Gusty winds and iced-over roadways made for treacherous Midwest travel Friday as a major winter storm headed east over the Great Lakes.
8:01 PM Feb 22, 2013