About 100 Ohio farmers and property owners have driven tractors and other equipment in a protest parade against the potential shutdown of a federal Farm Service Agency office.
12:05 PM Jan 31, 2012

Each week I’m feeling a little better.  But I have a problem with my lower back.  I was a little slow exercising Monday due to that. 

The stamina is getting better; I just don’t seem to be able to get my back stronger.

10:57 AM Jan 31, 2012

Wow…. I can’t believe that I’m finishing up the first month of the FIT Challenge.  16.6 pounds.  That number is hard to fathom.  While I don’t know if I will be able to lose weight at that rate throughout the challenge, I’m truly excited about my start.

10:56 AM Jan 31, 2012
A Sandusky man and woman remain in jail on $10,000 bond each for leaving their 2-month-old infant home alone while they went out and panhandled, according to police.
10:46 AM Jan 31, 2012
Erie County leaders have managed to trim millions of dollars from the 2012 budget without laying off employees or reducing services.
10:46 AM Jan 31, 2012
Q: Hey Mailbag. Keep up the good work. What ever happened to City Commissioner Brady's promise to have a "3-D" rendition of the Venice Road Overpass available for residents to look at? Many of the impacted residents don't even know what the finished project will look like. - Tim on Ohio 250
10:42 AM Jan 31, 2012
A college in northwest Ohio is joining others in the state that operate food pantries for needy students.
6:00 AM Jan 31, 2012
Q: A couple years back we had a president candidate election John McCain come to downtown Sandusky. I was wondering if they are planning on having another candidate coming as well. - Sean, a student at Ehove Career Center
1:15 AM Jan 31, 2012

Newly-uncovered documents show that the Nobel Prize for Literature committee discussed considering J.R.R. Tolkien for the prize in 1961 but dismissed him as not good enough.

6:19 PM Jan 30, 2012
A state legislative panel has signed off contracts related to empowering the state's new private job-creation partnership, JobsOhio.
6:13 PM Jan 30, 2012
Environmental groups and charter fishing captains in Ohio are hoping Lake Erie's fish population will rebound in the coming years with the closing of a coal-burning power plant that sits next to the lake's biggest tributary.
3:01 PM Jan 30, 2012
Country music icon Willie Nelson has come to Ohio to sing out in support of an old friend, U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich.
1:07 PM Jan 30, 2012
Perkins Township taxpayers spent nearly $20,000 to create harmony and unity amongst its government employees, according to a Register analysis of financial documents.
12:58 PM Jan 30, 2012
If November's general election constitutes the main event of politics, then the March 6 primary resembles the integral opening political clash. From local issues to choosing who the next president could be, voters will have plenty of options. But before voting, people need to ensure they're prepared when arriving to the polls.
12:23 PM Jan 30, 2012