Moammar Gadhafi, who ruled Libya with a dictatorial grip for 42 years until he was ousted by his own people in an uprising that turned into a bloody civil war, was killed Thursday when revolutionary forces overwhelmed his hometown, Sirte, the last major bastion of resistance two months after his regime fell.
11:56 AM Oct 20, 2011
The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch in Erie, Ottawa, Huron and Sandusky counties.
10:14 AM Oct 20, 2011
A Huron man has been charged with unlawful sex with a minor for multiple incidents in March involving a 15-year-old Perkins Township girl.
8:00 AM Oct 20, 2011
Four Democratic state lawmakers want an ethics review of Ohio's economic development chief, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist.
6:00 AM Oct 20, 2011
Huron County commissioners denied Sheriff Dane Howard's request for money to pay for a rental car used by a man whose vehicle was struck by a deputy's cruiser.
5:00 AM Oct 20, 2011
Charges are pending against a 52-year-old Perkins Township man suspected of hitting a bicyclist along Perkins Avenue at about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday night.
8:16 PM Oct 19, 2011

(With Mobile Clip) City commission candidate Wes Poole appeared on Between the Lines with Matt Westerhold on Wednesday.

Watch the full interviews with Poole here (not mobile compatible.)

4:32 PM Oct 19, 2011

(With Mobile Clip) City commission candidate John Jacobs appeared on Between the Lines with Matt Westerhold on Wednesday.

Watch the full interviews with Jacobs here (not mobile compatible.)


4:29 PM Oct 19, 2011
New research suggests climate change might not cause Great Lakes water levels to drop as much as previous studies have indicated. In fact, it might even cause them to rise.
2:56 PM Oct 19, 2011
The rain won't let up any time soon. Get your local news update, weather and birthdays with Sarah Weber and Jason Werling.
12:35 PM Oct 19, 2011
Perkins police are asking the U.S. Secret Service to help them track down suspects who have been using counterfeit $100 bills to purchase items at area stores.
9:00 AM Oct 19, 2011
Huron County Sheriff's deputies say they've arrested two men for alleged sex crimes against a 13-year-old girl.
8:00 AM Oct 19, 2011
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton said Tuesday his agency deported nearly 400,000 individuals during the fiscal year that ended in September, the largest number of removals in the agency's history.
6:30 AM Oct 19, 2011
Next year's presidential primary in Ohio could be shifted from March to June under one of a variety of plans being discussed by legislative leaders in the key swing state.
6:00 AM Oct 19, 2011
The grassroots group Citizens for Keeping the All-Electric Promise is encouraging customers to choose Cincinnati-based Duke Energy Retail as their energy provider, given that the company has promised to offer discounts to all-electric customers.
5:00 AM Oct 19, 2011