An 80-year-old man in southwest Ohio has died from complications of the West Nile virus, the third such death in the state this year.
2:00 PM Sep 18, 2012
At times, Sanduksy police officers and commanders felt handcuffed performing daily duties inside the outdated Meigs Street police station. There have been times when officers had to wait for colleagues to finish writing incident reports on one of four computers inside a cramped report room.
1:16 PM Sep 18, 2012
Sandusky residents are invited to Sandusky High School at 7 p.m. today for a levy kickoff pep rally.
1:10 PM Sep 18, 2012
Q: Have the City of Sandusky and Perkins Township ever considered the idea of requiring businesses (especially those on Rt 250) to install low profile signs? We should model ourselves after other cities who have phased out these large, gaudy signs. I think it would make our town look more inviting. - Tina on West Madison Street
12:08 PM Sep 18, 2012
An iconic Sandusky structure may soon transition into a vibrant living space for senior citizens.
11:18 AM Sep 18, 2012
The Huron County Health Department is warning residents that yellow jacket wasps are especially active this time of year. The department advises caution - especially for those people potentially allergic to stings.
11:17 AM Sep 18, 2012

Todd Roth, City Engineer, will be leaving the city at the end of the year and Tom Whittied, IT Manager, has left but he still does some work for the city.  The Police Chief position is still open.

11:16 AM Sep 18, 2012
They are images Americans had never seen before. Jubilant young men and women in military uniforms marching beneath a rainbow flag in a gay-pride parade. Soldiers and sailors returning from deployment and, in time-honored tradition, embracing their beloved - only this time with same-sex kisses.
10:00 AM Sep 18, 2012
The sign on the door of the Humane Society of Ottawa County building tells the story: "WE ARE ACCEPTING ABSOLUTELY NO MORE CATS! We are at full capacity.'
9:00 AM Sep 18, 2012
Occupy Wall Street began to disintegrate in rapid fashion last winter, when the weekly meetings in New York City devolved into a spectacle of fistfights and vicious arguments.
6:00 AM Sep 18, 2012
Accused murderer and rapist Curtis Clinton fits the profile of someone with an undiagnosed sexual disorder that drives him to commit horrific crimes.
10:09 PM Sep 17, 2012
There are tens of thousands of wanted Ohio felons on the loose, and a newspaper reports that not many of them are being actively sought.
8:00 PM Sep 17, 2012
A national group representing safety officials from all states wants Ohio to take a step beyond its new ban on texting while driving and prohibit drivers from using all hand-held electronic devices.
5:00 PM Sep 17, 2012