Texas on Thursday became fourth state to require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital
6:00 AM Nov 2, 2013
Former NSA systems analyst says he would like to testify before Congress, but not until U.S. drops espionage charge
8:00 PM Nov 1, 2013
The ruling by a three-judge panel sided with Ohio business owners on birth control issue
6:00 PM Nov 1, 2013
A Huron County grand jury handed down a nine-count secret indictment including two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide.
5:06 PM Nov 1, 2013
A suspected gunman was in custody following a shooting at Los Angeles airport that killed a TSA agent and wounded two other people.
4:30 PM Nov 1, 2013
Cars are lined up at Perkins Avenue/Cleveland Road Intersection.
4:05 PM Nov 1, 2013
A Sandusky man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly broke into an ex-girlfriend’s house three times in a 24-hour period and brandished a knife at her, police said.
2:34 PM Nov 1, 2013
Ohio drivers who kill feral hogs on the highway could keep them under a bill passed by the state House.
2:24 PM Nov 1, 2013
Testing of groundwater found no substances that violate EPA standards.
2:01 PM Nov 1, 2013
Gunman purchased rifle shortly before standoff.
1:52 PM Nov 1, 2013
Perkins Township officials recently announced various yard waste and leaf collections programs for the fall. (Includes link to Sandusky schedule.)
1:25 PM Nov 1, 2013