Now 18, she's going to the Ohio Reformatory
10:00 AM May 17, 2013
Employment, labor data should shed light on state of Ohio's economy
9:30 AM May 17, 2013
American Airlines sparks controversy with decision to let some passengers cut the line.
9:00 AM May 17, 2013
Enjoy live music, beer and chocolate, yard sale shopping, bowling and more in this week’s Top Five things to do.
8:30 AM May 17, 2013
School district superintendent blames Register for election loss; won't return phone calls and won't allow comment from administrators on coach's status.
8:00 AM May 17, 2013
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7:30 AM May 17, 2013
Springsteen's help 'would serve an even larger cause — exposing a fundamental breakdown in the American justice system, a system which allows local authorities to control, without restraint, meting out justice, or refusing to do so, within its borders.'
7:05 AM May 17, 2013

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Sandusky Police


7:00 AM May 17, 2013
Discovery of three missing for almost a decade gives hope to others.
6:00 AM May 17, 2013
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5:30 AM May 17, 2013
Baileys join forces
5:00 AM May 17, 2013
Suspect in Erie County jail without bond; infant flown to hospital
1:09 AM May 17, 2013
Randall Ross being transferred to prison hospital.
5:30 PM May 16, 2013