The Sandusky Cultural Center is currently putting on a show all about how the art of others inspires artists today.
4:45 PM Sep 24, 2012
New research powerfully strengthens the case against soda and other sugary drinks as culprits in the obesity epidemic.
3:08 PM Sep 24, 2012

The county fair wasn't a big deal to me when I was growing up in Toledo. The Lucas County Fairgrounds was where the Mud Hens played and that was my only experience going to the fairgrounds as a kid.

2:18 PM Sep 24, 2012
Teachers and fellow students at a southern Ohio high school are mourning the loss of a sophomore who police say was fatally injured while "car surfing."
2:00 PM Sep 24, 2012
Arson accounted for about one of every five fires in Sandusky over the past 20 months.
1:00 PM Sep 24, 2012
Q & A With America's Real Estate Professor
11:32 AM Sep 24, 2012
The presidential candidates are criticizing each other in new television commercials aimed at winning working-class voters who could help swing the election, pitting Republican Mitt Romney's wealth against the loss of American jobs to China on President Barack Obama's watch.
11:04 AM Sep 24, 2012
Sandusky officials are rushing to recoup nearly $268,000 in unpaid ambulance fees amassed during the past six years.
8:00 AM Sep 24, 2012
The Ohio Department of Transportation has announced the following construction updates for the week of Sept. 24.
5:00 AM Sep 24, 2012

It will be interesting to see city commissioners wrestle now with the city's labor attorney concerning a decision to reinstate a fired police officer.

10:19 PM Sep 23, 2012

Island life on South Bass Island calms down on Mondays, but a Monday on North Bass Island is just like every other day of the week: quiet.

3:32 PM Sep 23, 2012
It sounds like a free-market success story: a natural gas boom created by drilling company innovation, delivering a vast new source of cheap energy without the government subsidies that solar and wind power demand.
2:57 PM Sep 23, 2012