An Erie County grand jury has indicted three men suspected of playing roles in the spate of shootings plaguing the city.
9:48 AM May 11, 2011
A Norwalk woman has accused five Norwalk police officers of physically and emotionally abusing her during an arrest in May 2009.
8:10 AM May 11, 2011
The phrase may be "safety first," but at the Wightman-Wieber Safety Fair and Kidsfest, fun is an equal priority.
6:00 AM May 11, 2011
Cedar Fair misled investors for years with its "false and misleading' financial documents, two Texas companies claim in a federal lawsuit filed Monday in Toledo.
10:49 PM May 10, 2011
Sandusky commissioners on Monday signed off on plans to overhaul Lions Park, crystallizing the second phase of a project that promises to bolster recreational offerings for west-side residents.
10:48 PM May 10, 2011
Jason, I've heard from people's personal experiences that there is a tunnel or hallway underneath the parking garage downtown in Sandusky. Can you shed any light on this subject? - Danielle on Center Street
10:18 PM May 10, 2011
Police are investigating an incident of shots fired on Harbor Boulevard early Saturday morning.
10:16 PM May 10, 2011
Many young Muslim Americans think their lives will be better without Osama bin Laden in the world.
6:20 PM May 10, 2011
Council members unanimously agreed to fire Kim Watts at the recommendation of mayor Jacqueline Bird, citing personality conflicts.
5:05 PM May 10, 2011
Erie MetroParks just lost more green in its ongoing legal fiascoes.
4:22 PM May 10, 2011
The Cessna approached the Huron County Airport. It touched down. Then it shot over the runway some 200 feet and crashed.
4:21 PM May 10, 2011

Nothing new to report this week. I worked out about three times this past week not including a run around town. Most of my workouts are barefoot now but only when I work with personal Trevor Tieche.

2:58 PM May 10, 2011

Hi people,

Well my HOF banquet is over. I had a blast reliving the good ole days.

I didn't make weight, though. I was supposed to weigh 250 by then, but I only got to 253 pounds. Oh well at least I hit the 50-pound plateau! 

2:50 PM May 10, 2011

As you already know, this week I am in Florida. I am having a good time here.

It is nice to get away sometimes. I was not expecting any loss this week due to the fact I was looking forward to enjoying some of the foods down south.

2:46 PM May 10, 2011
Q: Hi Jason, As I sit here each day I see school buses from Norwalk, Berlin-Milan, Western-Reserve, and others on their way to Townsend School. Considering the tight school budgets, what is driving these daily excursions? - Paul from Castalia
12:13 PM May 10, 2011