More cracks were found in architectural design components on the concrete "shield building" at the Davis- Besse Nuclear power station.
12:05 PM Nov 1, 2011
Dressed as a German bar maid, 27-year-old Melissa Bubash slept in the passenger seat of a truck while a man wearing old western duds drove them along Ohio 13.
10:38 AM Nov 1, 2011
Amusement park operator Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. says it's investing $90 million on new thrill rides, attractions and upgrades for next year.
10:36 AM Nov 1, 2011

I got a little exercise on Halloween walking around with Lainie as she trick-or-treated. She got a lot of goodies and I managed to only have two lil treats.

10:25 AM Nov 1, 2011

This past week went well. It's nice to train again. I feel like things are going well and that makes me feel good.

10:22 AM Nov 1, 2011
Perkins Schools is plotting a move its board hopes will put the district in a better position for the future as it plans for a new or drastically revamped high school.
9:00 AM Nov 1, 2011
Boeing is taking over one of NASA's old space shuttle hangars to build a new capsule that the company hopes will lift astronauts to orbit in four or five years.
8:00 AM Nov 1, 2011
Two said "yes;" two said "no;" three said "maybe;" and one said "Oh boy."
7:00 AM Nov 1, 2011
Storm troopers, bumblebees, and witches. Dogs dressed up and pumpkins, everywhere. It must be Halloween. Armed with bags of every kind and plastic jack-o-lanterns in every color, costumed or not, Huron trick-or-treaters tromped across neighborhoods collecting their goodies Sunday night.
3:16 PM Oct 31, 2011
Jan Beck spends her days creating decadent treats as the Maitre Chocolatier and co-owner of Tre Sorelle Cioccolato in Sandusky. But, what does she reach for when she wants to treat herself?
2:00 PM Oct 31, 2011
Monroeville's assistant coach for the varsity football team was forced to leave his job two games before the season ended, but school administrators refuse to provide details on what triggered the ouster.
11:03 AM Oct 31, 2011
Barb Johnson, recently resigned Erie County clerk of courts, has died.
10:29 AM Oct 31, 2011
Until just a few decades ago, doctors frequently used black patients as guinea pigs, justifying their actions with a long-perpetuated myth that they were wired differently -- with more "primitive" nervous systems, less able to feel pain.
9:00 AM Oct 31, 2011
A York Township man shot his wife twice in the head before killing himself with a shot to the left temple, according to recently released autopsy reports.
8:00 AM Oct 31, 2011
When winter's white mixes with autumn's orange and gold, nature gets ugly.
6:00 AM Oct 31, 2011