The renowned breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure faced an escalating backlash Thursday over its decision to cut breast screening grants to Planned Parenthood.
6:00 AM Feb 3, 2012
Ohio lawmakers who want public schools to wait until after Labor Day to start classes say the state's tourism industry loses business when kids go back to school too early.
5:56 PM Feb 2, 2012
Federal officials say authorities have seized nearly $5 million worth of phony Super Bowl sportswear and merchandise in a nationwide sweep.
3:44 PM Feb 2, 2012
ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF MONDAY, MAY 12 11:54 a.m. - 300 block of Mason Road, Milan, boy, 16, charged with possession of marijuana. SANDUSKY POLICE SUNDAY, MAY 11
3:17 PM Feb 2, 2012

This week on Five Points, Emil and Andy talk about Groundhog Day, global warming and public records.

3:00 PM Feb 2, 2012
Americans were shopping in January, but that doesn't mean every store felt the love.
1:56 PM Feb 2, 2012
Q: Is it legal to go straight from the traffic light on Rt. 250 and the corner Pier 1 is on? The painted lines have a right turn to head South on Rt. 250 and a left turn onto Rt. 250 to head North. If you want to go straight to the plaza area with Kohls, which lane is correct? - Thanks, Sharon on Cold Creek Blvd.
12:18 PM Feb 2, 2012
Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his lair to "see" his shadow on Thursday, in the process predicting six more weeks of winter.
11:16 AM Feb 2, 2012
A Huron County judge sentenced Greenwich resident Joshua Bierce to four years in prison for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl in 2010.
11:08 AM Feb 2, 2012
Federal Judge Jack Zouhary wants to understand why Sandusky County Sheriff's deputies used a flash bang device when they entered the Jones family's home to confront Bryan Jones.
8:30 AM Feb 2, 2012
Snow has gone missing in action for much of the U.S. the last couple months. But it's not just snow. It's practically the season that's gone AWOL.
6:00 AM Feb 2, 2012
A 21-year-old Port Clinton man was taken by medical helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center on Wednesday evening after his car crashed and rolled over in Portage Township.
10:16 PM Feb 1, 2012

This week on Between the Lines Matt Westerhold interviews Bob Haag and Tim Schwanger about the ballot issue to make the Sandusky city manager an elected position. 

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7:39 PM Feb 1, 2012