Students in the U.S. perform better than the global average, but still lag behind many of their peers in Asia and Europe, an international study found.
8:31 PM Dec 11, 2012
A Perkins Township police officer has been fired and two more reprimanded following an alleged drunken incident on Thanksgiving Day.
6:42 PM Dec 11, 2012
New tests that promise to speed up diagnosis of food poisoning pose an unexpected problem: They could make it more difficult to identify dangerous outbreaks like the one that sickened people who ate a variety of Trader Joe's peanut butter this fall.
6:01 PM Dec 11, 2012
Get geared up for Christmas at the Ritz on Wednesday with the "Christmas with The Osmond Brothers" show. It will be a concert for the whole family according to what Merrill Osmond told us.
5:33 PM Dec 11, 2012
The U.S. Coast Guard has responded to a report of a damaged 730-foot bulk carrier and oil sheen in the Maumee River near Toledo.
4:05 PM Dec 11, 2012

This has to be the easiest Christmas tree I've ever been a part of decorating.

3:28 PM Dec 11, 2012
A southwest Ohio prosecutor says two gas station workers were protecting themselves when they pulled guns and fatally shot a robber.
3:20 PM Dec 11, 2012
A Norwalk man bit his neighbor’s eyebrow off late Sunday during a drunken squabble on Arlington Road, an Erie County deputy's report said. (Editor's Note: A photo in this story may be disturbing to some. User discretion is advised.)
2:05 PM Dec 11, 2012
Police in northeast Ohio made a curious discovery after finding a stolen car — a full-grown pot-belly pig in the back seat.
1:02 PM Dec 11, 2012

I attended the second Police Chief Selection Committee meeting. After the first meeting, I figured, finally, the group was on the right track and all would go well. Having knowledge of the Sunshine Law, the second meeting seemed to be a little different and I wondered if I spoke too soon.

11:05 AM Dec 11, 2012
A central Ohio family has decided to put an end to a long neighborhood tradition after vandals destroyed an elaborate front-yard Christmas light display.
9:03 AM Dec 11, 2012
If Gov. John Kasich signs the bill into law, convicted arsonists would be required to register with sheriff's offices so investigators can keep track of where they're living.
8:04 AM Dec 11, 2012