The state fire marshal says arson has been ruled as the cause of a fire at a Walmart in central Ohio.
6:00 AM Feb 8, 2012
Nearly two years after arrests, jury selection began Tuesday in a trial against seven people accused of conspiring to rebel against the government as members of a southern Michigan and Ohio militia.
5:01 PM Feb 7, 2012
Gov. John Kasich announced a plan to boost to broadband network speeds, introduced a new award honoring courageous Ohioans and said shale drilling shouldn't come at the expense of the environment in an annual State of the State speech mostly devoid of big initiatives.
3:28 PM Feb 7, 2012
Five people were injured in a fire at a mobile home in Sandusky County early Tuesday morning.
2:30 PM Feb 7, 2012

The likely outcome of any challenge is failure.

But how can someone make himself a better, more well-rounded person without at least trying to conquer a daunting task?

Well, my most demanding task ever was just assigned to me.

And I’m up for it.

2:19 PM Feb 7, 2012
The race for Erie County commissioner is the topic of the day when incumbent Pat Shenigo debates his Democratic primary opponent Sam Artino on a special edition of "Between the Lines" at 1 p.m. Wednesday.
1:59 PM Feb 7, 2012
Q; I've recently noticed the building which had Coach's Sports Corner in the Sandusky Plaza is empty. Did they relocate? Where would I be able to purchase SMCC apparel? - Jake on Rye Beach Road
12:00 PM Feb 7, 2012

Friday of last week was the end of my circuit training. The new workout routine that my personal trainer Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness and I will be focusing on is building my strength.  I am nervous about this, but I am ready to give my all to see my results.  

11:06 AM Feb 7, 2012

I am so excited! After completing one month I have lost 9.2 pounds and lots of inches.  Read today’s paper to get the exact loss in inches.  And that is with training with my personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N BalANCE only two days per week. 

11:04 AM Feb 7, 2012

This past week was a dichotomy of challenges: one of them physical, and one in my head.  Again, it was another six-day “work week” and work I did. 

11:02 AM Feb 7, 2012
A Michigan woman is seeking $100,000 in compensation from the driver of an ill-fated Oct. 22 hayride.
10:15 AM Feb 7, 2012
A Sandusky man was arrested Monday after police found him huffing air duster cans, his second such offense in recent weeks.
10:14 AM Feb 7, 2012
Elyria businessman Bradley Ohlemacher is considering a settlement in a brutality lawsuit he filed last year against Put-in-Bay police, federal court records show.
9:28 AM Feb 7, 2012