Former Perkins Township police Chief Tim McClung was scheduled to appear at 2:30 p.m. to plea to theft in office charges resulting from his sale of township-owned weapons.
4:48 PM May 20, 2011
Stephen Bertoni, 49, punched through Theresa Buckingham's kitchen window on Broad Street and pummeled her repeatedly in the back of the head because he blamed her for losing his job, police said.
3:59 PM May 20, 2011
Opponents of Ohio's new collective bargaining law say they're nearly halfway to their goal as they gather petition signatures toward putting a referendum on the fall ballot.
1:31 PM May 20, 2011
Ohio's unemployment rate has gone down for the 14th month in a row as the state's job market continues to recover from the recession.
10:20 AM May 20, 2011
It was a sudden and brutal death for 640 Camp St., but it didn't come a moment too soon for the folks who have spent years staring at its hideous hide.
10:15 AM May 20, 2011
New numbers from the state show some 200 Ohio nursing homes are paying six-figure administrator salaries and the industry is spending millions of Medicaid dollars to employ owners' family members and to hire related side businesses.
9:01 AM May 20, 2011
About 30 lighthouses are returning to downtown Sandusky, as part of a fundraiser the Merry-Go-Round Museum and the Firelands Chapter of the American Red Cross
8:07 AM May 20, 2011
The Berlin-Milan school board chose a new superintendent this week who wasn't even on their list of final candidates. Board members won't explain why or how they chose him.
8:06 AM May 20, 2011
Friday morning fog has delayed the Cabela's Masters Walleye tournament in Sandusky.
8:04 AM May 20, 2011
A Willard woman who once kept a colony of nearly 90 cats in her home will be allowed to have feline friends again - but only three of them.
6:00 AM May 20, 2011
(UPDATED VIDEO AT 9 P.M.) Perkins Schools officials aren't giving up consideration of a merger yet, but it faces steep hurdles based on information superintendent Jim Gunner presented to the school board Wednesday evening.
9:21 PM May 19, 2011
The owner of the Sandusky Dance Academy allegedly made up a story last week that someone trashed her studio, stole money and stole her dancers' recital costumes.
6:26 PM May 19, 2011
(UPDATED AT 6:18 P.M.) Could the Unabomber and Chicago's Tylenol poisoner be one and the same? FBI agents investigating the Tylenol killings, unsolved for nearly 30 years, want Ted Kaczynski's DNA.
6:16 PM May 19, 2011
(UPDATED VIDEO AT 6 P.M.) Erie County dispatched a hazardous-materials team to the corner of Hayes and Perkins Avenue this morning, after a liquid latex spill caused a brief but serious scare.
6:03 PM May 19, 2011
The business end of a police chief's gun brought a quick close Wednesday to a two-man crime spree.
4:52 PM May 19, 2011