About 200 district residents turned out Wednesday to weigh in on the difficult choices ahead if tax levies fail.
6:15 PM Mar 7, 2013
A lawyer whose report divided the school board and the community got paid $90,000 by the school district despite concerns about his invoices.
4:42 PM Mar 7, 2013

The key turns, perhaps a bit grudgingly. Winter's wind is whipping around you and your hands are full of bags. Nearly at the point of uttering an oath, it gives and the dark building opens to you.

2:59 PM Mar 7, 2013
Good news, the Firelands Area Runners have posted their schedule for the upcoming 5k/10k/run/walk season and it can be found at their website. The proceeds from a couple of runs that are coming up will help a couple of local animal shelters. The Humane Society of Erie County's run is scheduled for...
2:40 PM Mar 7, 2013
Jeb Bush has long resisted pressure from supporters to run for president. Now the former Florida governor is signaling that he's at least open to the idea, a shift that comes as he promotes a new book and Republicans struggle to rebound after President Barack Obama's re-election.
2:25 PM Mar 7, 2013
Son, father accused in robbery of May poker game
1:37 PM Mar 7, 2013

The chief was our guest on "Between the Lines Live" at noon.


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12:45 PM Mar 7, 2013

Recently, we met with Brenda and heard a story we’ve heard all too often. Brenda had run into problems with her mortgage and was contacted by an out-of-state outfit which promised her for a few thousand dollars it could straighten things out and help her get mortgage relief.

10:56 AM Mar 7, 2013
Sheriff's deputies on Wednesday interviewed the U.S. Army Reserve soldier who was allegedly raped by a superior Sunday at an Army facility in Milan.
10:00 AM Mar 7, 2013
Woman, 26, killed after entering animal's enclosure
9:00 AM Mar 7, 2013
A compilation of recent comments at sanduskyregister.com
7:30 AM Mar 7, 2013