This week in the Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay blog, an 1868 city directory, a graveyard poem from 1900, and death by Lake Erie at the end of winter in 1904.

10:59 AM Mar 8, 2013
An inmate used a sharpened toothbrush to attack a corrections officer Thursday in the Erie County jail.
10:20 AM Mar 8, 2013
President reaches out to Republicans.
9:00 AM Mar 8, 2013
Ruling from state expected Monday on Fred Fox's termination
8:00 AM Mar 8, 2013
A compilation of recent comments at
7:30 AM Mar 8, 2013
Go Possums. Read Chuck Hoefert's column in today's Register.
6:30 AM Mar 8, 2013
Men sentenced in hair-cutting attacks.
6:00 AM Mar 8, 2013
A judge on Thursday ordered a halt to a speeding ticket blitz in a village that installed traffic cameras, saying it's "a scam" against motorists.
7:16 PM Mar 7, 2013
About 200 district residents turned out Wednesday to weigh in on the difficult choices ahead if tax levies fail.
6:15 PM Mar 7, 2013
A lawyer whose report divided the school board and the community got paid $90,000 by the school district despite concerns about his invoices.
4:42 PM Mar 7, 2013

The key turns, perhaps a bit grudgingly. Winter's wind is whipping around you and your hands are full of bags. Nearly at the point of uttering an oath, it gives and the dark building opens to you.

2:59 PM Mar 7, 2013