This seems like to a good time to remind everyone that Ohio supplies information online about road conditions. A map that provides information is available at

3:08 PM Dec 26, 2012
Port Clinton is mourning the death of one of its very best.
3:00 PM Dec 26, 2012

Q: Alright, so to start off, this guy is younger than I am. He is mature for his age and I’ve had a crush on him since last year. I finally got the nerve to talk to him. We started talking a few days ago, and we became close really fast. He figured out that I like him, without me telling him.

3:00 PM Dec 26, 2012
Strong winds and snowfall knocked out power to hundreds of Ohio homes and disrupted post-holiday travel Wednesday with parts of the state facing potential blizzard conditions.
2:31 PM Dec 26, 2012
The Ohio Department of Transportation said Wednesday afternoon more than 100 crews will work 12-hour shifts in the agency's Northcentral Ohio district to keep roads clear as the snow piles up.
2:06 PM Dec 26, 2012
Blind and alone in Alaska winter temperatures that dipped 40 degrees below zero, a lost 8-year-old Fairbanks dog wasn't given much of a chance to make it home.
1:00 PM Dec 26, 2012

You have probably snapped a "few" photos over the past couple days of wrapping paper flying in the air, kids in front of the tree, etc. 

11:23 AM Dec 26, 2012
While a century-old stone structure at Lions Park continues to deteriorate, city officials said they need grant dollars to fix it.
11:00 AM Dec 26, 2012
We survived the end of the world and we have lots of pictures from this past weekend to prove it.
11:00 AM Dec 26, 2012
It started as a simple tribute to his mother, a teacher and bibliophile.
9:00 AM Dec 26, 2012
Beyond dairy: These superfoods help keep bones strong.
8:00 AM Dec 26, 2012
Cedar Fair gave some of its top executives a nice Christmas gift, all in the form of contracts.
5:00 AM Dec 26, 2012