A woman looking for her dog near Sandusky and Camp streets was hit with beers cans Wednesday evening.
4:01 PM May 27, 2011
Ohio has seen a steady drop in the number of children placed into foster care, a change child advocates say has helped to reduce the trauma kids feel when they are taken away from their homes.
2:43 PM May 27, 2011
Visitors to downtown Sandusky are finding it difficult to find a parking spot this morning. The graduation for EHOVE seniors started at 9:30 a.m. and even the downtown parking garage is full. Plan your trip accordingly as you might have to walk a bit further to get to your downtown Sandusky destinations.
2:37 PM May 27, 2011
Q: Can you find out where and when local kids can take swim lessons this summer? ----Sarah of Sandusky
12:33 PM May 27, 2011
Police said they're investigating a teenager's allegations that a 27-year-old man with whom she was acquainted raped her on multiple occasions.
10:00 AM May 27, 2011
The door to the room was locked, and there was no response as Jake Klonoski knocked, looking for his younger brother.
9:00 AM May 27, 2011
A Pennsylvania man is dead and a Michigan man faces vehicular homicide charges after a wreck Thursday morning on the Ohio Turnpike.
7:01 AM May 27, 2011
An ongoing feud between Danbury Township's zoning inspector and a Marblehead woman came to a head at Wednesday's trustees meeting.
6:00 AM May 27, 2011
Two Norwalk High School seniors climbed up on the school's roof early Wednesday morning to pull a prank that involved a large sheet and lots of spray paint.
5:00 AM May 27, 2011
The NAACP Sandusky chapter is hoping guest speakers at a conference Saturday will appeal to the area's at-risk youth.
1:36 AM May 27, 2011
If ever there was a night to descend on downtown Sandusky in your most fanciful transgender outfit, tonight is that night. But don't wander around aimlessly - pop into the Sandusky State Theatre at 9 p.m. to catch a showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show' for a cool $3.
1:10 AM May 27, 2011
Sandusky police arrested a 34-year-old city man after he drove up to a crash scene while visibly intoxicated.
6:16 PM May 26, 2011
Some Ohio lawmakers think advertising on the outsides of school buses would help struggling school districts bolster their budgets.
3:17 PM May 26, 2011

 On Wednesday, the Ohio House voted 54-41 to approve drilling for oil and gas in state parks, sending the proposal to the Ohio Senate.

2:56 PM May 26, 2011
Seniors are asking that the city drop their $50 premium for early morning golf at Mills Creek.
2:51 PM May 26, 2011