The evaluation is a difficult one and it needs pondering because the public doesn’t get to interact with the City Manager other then just at the city commission meetings.

11:08 AM Oct 9, 2012
Parents and bus drivers had to wait a little longer to drop off their kids this morning at Furry School.
8:56 AM Oct 9, 2012
Residents of Washington, Oregon and Colorado won't just be considering whether to let adults buy pot at state-sanctioned shops when they vote next month on legalizing and taxing marijuana.
8:45 AM Oct 9, 2012
There are five dark-horse candidates vying to upset either President Barack Obama, a Democrat, or Republican Mitt Romney to become the nation’s 45th president.
7:45 AM Oct 9, 2012
Two scientists from different generations won the Nobel Prize in medicine Monday for the groundbreaking discovery that cells in the body can be reprogrammed into completely different kinds, work that reflects the mechanism behind cloning and offers an alternative to using embryonic stem cells.
5:44 AM Oct 9, 2012
Erik Anderson, affectionately nicknamed the “Mayor of Water Street” by his colleagues, is moving his high-end men’s clothing store from its longtime waterfront location.
4:45 AM Oct 9, 2012
Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are investigating two vehicle crash on Ohio 162 just west of Peru Center Road in Huron County.
12:03 AM Oct 9, 2012
An appeals court in New York has ruled that a former high school athlete who was shot in 2003 can sue the companies that made and distributed the handgun used in the crime.
7:45 PM Oct 8, 2012
It's time to pick your favorite fall treat from our entries in the Tre Sorelle Sweet Fall Treats Competition.
6:44 PM Oct 8, 2012
Well, from a workout standpoint, I’ve just completed the most frustrating week of the entire FIT Challenge.  I didn’t make it to the gym once this week.  My schedule the past two weeks has been hectic, as I’ve had soccer games after school on many of the nights, and has precluded me from getting...
6:30 PM Oct 8, 2012
Air Force Capt. James C. Wilson, a Sandusky-area native, was 35 when he died in a still-mysterious plane crash in 1958.
6:22 PM Oct 8, 2012
Police say they have charged the driver of a car that struck and killed a 3-year-old boy with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
5:45 PM Oct 8, 2012
Ohio voters next month will decide whether the state should move forward with a proposal to change the process for redrawing its political districts.
2:30 PM Oct 8, 2012
Devastating spring freezes and a historic drought have stripped some charm from rustic fall destinations, leaving some corn too short to create mazes, orchards virtually devoid of apples and fall colors muted.
1:14 PM Oct 8, 2012