To look at Ohio is to glimpse America in a nutshell — a state full of places where laborers, truck drivers, cooks, store clerks and business owners form the backbone of small-town life. Places where the deli cashes checks, cars and trucks are "vehicles" and the NFL takes a back seat to high-school football.
3:13 PM Sep 27, 2012
(Updated with video) An accused serial killer and rapist pleaded not guilty to all nine charges filed against him in Erie County Common Pleas Court on Thursday morning.
12:40 PM Sep 27, 2012

It used to be in the old days (just a little over ten years ago) before loan securitization (bundling loans together in a pool for the purpose of selling stock certificates in the pool at a huge mark-up over the face value of those loans) was legalized, banks actually were anxious to receive any

12:06 PM Sep 27, 2012
For two weeks this summer I made it my mission to improve my 8-year-old son's tolerance of vegetables.
12:00 PM Sep 27, 2012
The paper conservator's scalpel picked at the red and black specks, flicking away the fly droppings that had stained Ingrid Bergman's letter to Ernest Hemingway.
8:45 AM Sep 27, 2012
A former volunteer firefighter who caused a crash that killed a 24-year-old was sentenced to nine months in jail Monday.
7:45 AM Sep 27, 2012
Duane Braesch's cornfields are prime evidence of how unforgiving the elements have been for him and so many others across the Midwest this summer. To demonstrate the hardship, the 79-year-old Nebraska farmer let The Associated Press show the world what he's weathered during the worst U.S. drought in decades.
5:45 AM Sep 27, 2012
Vermilion police arrested a Wakeman man allegedly caught with his pants down Sept. 18 at Sailorway Middle School.
4:45 AM Sep 27, 2012
What a difference four years can make.
7:45 PM Sep 26, 2012
Police in Columbus say they have arrested a man accused of being a serial "creeper" who broke in and watched or touched women as they slept.
5:45 PM Sep 26, 2012
In an effort to reduce crime against local senior citizens, Perkins police are once again hosting their Senior Triad Fair.
3:45 PM Sep 26, 2012