President Barack Obama's proposed budget for next year includes $31 million for dredging commercial harbors and navigation channels in the Great Lakes.
10:18 AM Feb 15, 2012
Dr. Paul Volkman made weekly trips from Chicago to three locations in Portsmouth in southern Ohio and one in Chillicothe in central Ohio before federal investigators shut down the operations in 2006, prosecutors said. He was sentenced in federal court in Cincinnati.
6:00 AM Feb 15, 2012
A disciplinary board has recommended a six-month license suspension for a lawyer whose emails to Ohio State University's former football coach triggered a scandal that toppled the former coach.
4:03 PM Feb 14, 2012

Well, it’s Sunday night, and I’m getting ready to hop in bed, but I felt as though I should try and get some of my thoughts down on paper. 

2:52 PM Feb 14, 2012
Thank you to everyone supporting Craig, Derek and me.  I still become so overwhelmed with this wonderful opportunity we’ve been given.   
2:47 PM Feb 14, 2012
A Midwest militia whose members - including two local men - were willing "to go to war" against the U.S. government actually was more like a "social club" whose talk was little more than fantasy, defense attorneys say.
11:00 AM Feb 14, 2012
Sandusky commissioners on Monday tossed around the possibility of limiting - or altogether killing - the public comment portion of their meetings.
10:22 AM Feb 14, 2012
A drunken 14-year-old Sandusky girl asked for a ride home Sunday, but her sister dropped her off at the police station.
8:00 AM Feb 14, 2012
The following school districts are on a two-hour delay to the start of classes today:
7:53 AM Feb 14, 2012
Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum clashed with Tacoma Occupy protesters Monday night during his first visit to a state he said would be a "momentum changer" heading into Super Tuesday.
6:00 AM Feb 14, 2012
U.S. EPA workers on Monday began collecting samples from one of 14 dump sites within the area of a cancer cluster that has baffled health officials for years.
5:00 AM Feb 14, 2012
(Updated with photos and investigatory report) The Humane Society of Ottawa County is desperately seeking foster homes for 13 beagles.
7:45 PM Feb 13, 2012
Local police respond every day to heated and unusual situations. The following is one item pulled from the daily police blotter.
2:45 PM Feb 13, 2012