A former volunteer firefighter who caused a crash that killed a 24-year-old was sentenced to nine months in jail Monday.
7:45 AM Sep 27, 2012
Duane Braesch's cornfields are prime evidence of how unforgiving the elements have been for him and so many others across the Midwest this summer. To demonstrate the hardship, the 79-year-old Nebraska farmer let The Associated Press show the world what he's weathered during the worst U.S. drought in decades.
5:45 AM Sep 27, 2012
Vermilion police arrested a Wakeman man allegedly caught with his pants down Sept. 18 at Sailorway Middle School.
4:45 AM Sep 27, 2012
What a difference four years can make.
7:45 PM Sep 26, 2012
Police in Columbus say they have arrested a man accused of being a serial "creeper" who broke in and watched or touched women as they slept.
5:45 PM Sep 26, 2012
In an effort to reduce crime against local senior citizens, Perkins police are once again hosting their Senior Triad Fair.
3:45 PM Sep 26, 2012
I currently have three men in my life and I am not sure what to do. With the first one, it seems our relationship is purely sexual and we’re basically off and on. We don’t really see each other any more except as friends. He called things off saying he needs time to think and sort things out. He also likes someone else and we really haven't talked since. The second guy I had a severe crush on. He moved out of state and I haven’t seen him in a while but we keep in contact on Facebook. He was actually giving me advice on the first guy and I felt really close to him. I am really missing him but he isn’t coming back here any time soon. Then there is this other guy. We have been hanging out a lot and we have everything in common from family to music and our friends. Only problem is, he seems to like another girl and he isn’t aware of my feelings.
3:00 PM Sep 26, 2012
A Sandusky man under indictment for felonious assault has filed a lawsuit against the city and Erie County for alleged civil rights violations.
1:06 PM Sep 26, 2012
American Greetings Corp. said Wednesday that a group led by its CEO and chief operating officer wants to buy the company and take it private in a deal that values it at about $581 million.
12:58 PM Sep 26, 2012
(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Sandusky police’s very own “Pitbull” punched a suspect in the face Friday in the 1300 block of Franklin St. to end a foot chase, according to a report.
10:00 AM Sep 26, 2012
A central Ohio couple credits a stray cat they adopted with saving their lives when carbon monoxide filled their home.
9:00 AM Sep 26, 2012