Authorities say police have shot a man in Cleveland at a home where a boy was found dead and a girl suffered a knife wound to the neck.
5:25 PM Jun 1, 2011
In a massive step toward consolidation, Huron and Erie County are preparing to merge sewer districts.
4:33 PM Jun 1, 2011
Health investigators in Ohio say their latest study into a child cancer cluster hasn't come up with any answers about what has sickened dozens of children over the last 15 years.
3:22 PM Jun 1, 2011
Jason P. Starkey, who has been labeled the Monroeville text predator, was sentenced Wednesday to nine months in prison.
2:35 PM Jun 1, 2011
A 25-year-old man arrested for attacking his child's mother faces additional charges for fighting with an officer, a Norwalk police report said.
10:01 AM Jun 1, 2011
A former public employee who stole nearly $150,000 from Erie County is leaving prison after serving less than a third of her sentence.
9:57 AM Jun 1, 2011
An angry father who caught his teenage daughter in bed with a 25-year-old man chased the man away with a broom, leaving him scrambling to put his clothes on in their backyard.
8:00 AM Jun 1, 2011
A respected international panel of experts says cellphones are possible cancer-causing agents, putting them in the same category as the pesticide DDT, gasoline engine exhaust and coffee.
7:00 AM Jun 1, 2011
At the bottom of the stunning resignation letter that he carefully typed in his office on Monday morning, in the last lines above his characteristically neat and clear signature, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel closed with a personal note.
11:33 PM May 31, 2011
The U.S. Coast Guard searched all day Tuesday after a mayday call announced that someone had gone into the water of Lake Erie.
10:11 PM May 31, 2011
Strub Road has been reopened at the Test Drive intersection just east of U.S. 250 after a semi making a turn became entangled in utility lines on Tuesday afternoon. Test Drive will remain closed until the low-hanging lines can be repaired.
6:38 PM May 31, 2011
Law enforcement officials oppose a proposal to drop the state's requirement for front license plates on vehicles, saying the plates are helpful in tracking down people who break the law.
4:51 PM May 31, 2011