Wakeman's fire chief was put on paid administrative leave Sept. 21 pending the outcome of an internal investigation.
12:07 AM Nov 21, 2011
Is it fair to compare Put-in-Bay's island school, which spent almost $30,000 on each of its 78 students last year, to Sandusky City Schools, where more than 600 students have special needs and 80 percent qualify for free or reduced lunches? Maybe not, school officials say, but the state is doing it anyway.
11:34 PM Nov 20, 2011
China signaled a gradual evolution toward resolving quarrels with its Asian neighbors over disputed waters of the South China Sea, a senior U.S. administration official said Saturday, describing the development as an encouraging step forward in easing tensions over the busiest trade route in the world.
1:00 PM Nov 20, 2011
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12:00 PM Nov 20, 2011
If the deficit-cutting supercommittee fails, Congress will face a crummy choice. Lawmakers can allow payroll tax cuts and jobless aid for millions to expire or they extend them and increase the nation's $15 trillion debt by at least $160 billion.
5:00 AM Nov 20, 2011
Just as the U.S. economy is making progress despite Europe's turmoil, here come two new threats.
3:00 PM Nov 19, 2011
About 100 junior high girls from five local schools got to rub elbows with NASA engineers Friday during a science and engineering conference at BGSU Firelands.
1:00 PM Nov 19, 2011
Several Sandusky homeowners may have to wait another month before learning if they can continue renting out their homes to tourists.
11:02 AM Nov 19, 2011
A Norwalk man died early Saturday morning along Ohio 61 in Greenfield Township, Huron County, when his car went off the road.
11:01 AM Nov 19, 2011
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11:00 AM Nov 19, 2011
(UPDATED WITH VIDEO ) Groton and Margaretta Township firefighters have knocked out a fire that erupted Thursday afternoon at 11302 Dining Road in Groton Township.
10:47 AM Nov 19, 2011
Erie County's sales tax revenue in August was a bit less than collections in August 2010, but income from this stream this year is still shaping up better than 2010.
8:00 AM Nov 19, 2011
A South Carolina man who was shot while responding to a Craigslist ad for a job in southeastern Ohio had hidden in the woods for several hours and then showed up at a woman's house covered in blood, the woman said Friday.
6:00 AM Nov 19, 2011
Ohio's unemployment rate has gone down a notch after rising during the summer.
4:49 PM Nov 18, 2011
Waterfront communities have made great strides in recent decades to improve the health of Lake Erie, the region's greatest natural resource. But there is still work to be done.
4:43 PM Nov 18, 2011