IRS top deuty Faris Fink tells Congress that lavish conference wasn't the best use of taxpayer dollars
1:03 AM Jun 7, 2013
At $4 a gallon, some Sandusky residents feel they're being taken for a ride.
12:56 AM Jun 7, 2013


"Good luck!"

"It must be nice."

Words of honest praise from others who very much mean you well.

5:12 PM Jun 6, 2013
This weekend will mark a year since a beloved father, husband, coach, school board member and pharmacist was taken too soon. Chris Smith was killed in a car accident when he and his daughter Sammy were on their way home after picking up dinner on Sunday, June 10, last year. Sammy, who had recently...
2:00 PM Jun 6, 2013
Sheriff, police chiefs bringing back Citizens Police Academy in the fall.
9:30 AM Jun 6, 2013
Both arrested after punches fly inside classroom then later at police station.
8:35 AM Jun 6, 2013

Excerpt: You might say I have a dog in this fight.

He’s tiny. He’s blind. His bark is decidedly unmanly and his bites, usually in defense against things that can’t be seen, are forgivably innocuous.

I am his seeing-eye human.

8:30 AM Jun 6, 2013
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Sandusky Police

June 4, 2013


7:43 a.m. — 400 block McKelvey St., officers released sick opossum into the woods after man caught it in his kitchen. 


7:00 AM Jun 6, 2013
Pickup strikes motorcycle then flees scene, leaving biker in road
3:50 AM Jun 6, 2013
Newspaper says NSA is collecting phone records of millions Americans under secret court order
11:55 PM Jun 5, 2013
Occupant in Carr Street home dumped water from window to snuff hotspot
10:53 PM Jun 5, 2013
Motorcycle veers off Ohio 101, slams into garbage bin outside tavern
7:25 PM Jun 5, 2013
Deputies are searching for a pair of brothers in Sunday's killing of Jaciento Daniel Hernandez
6:55 PM Jun 5, 2013