Well, from a workout standpoint, I’ve just completed the most frustrating week of the entire FIT Challenge.  I didn’t make it to the gym once this week.  My schedule the past two weeks has been hectic, as I’ve had soccer games after school on many of the nights, and has precluded me from getting...
6:30 PM Oct 8, 2012
Air Force Capt. James C. Wilson, a Sandusky-area native, was 35 when he died in a still-mysterious plane crash in 1958.
6:22 PM Oct 8, 2012
Police say they have charged the driver of a car that struck and killed a 3-year-old boy with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
5:45 PM Oct 8, 2012
Ohio voters next month will decide whether the state should move forward with a proposal to change the process for redrawing its political districts.
2:30 PM Oct 8, 2012
Devastating spring freezes and a historic drought have stripped some charm from rustic fall destinations, leaving some corn too short to create mazes, orchards virtually devoid of apples and fall colors muted.
1:14 PM Oct 8, 2012

When staff-photographer-turned-Army-specialist Luke Wark first deployed to Afghanistan with his Army National Guard unit I pictured the landscape would be something like West Virginia without the trees growing through junk cars and without the white-water rafting.

1:12 PM Oct 8, 2012
"Between the Lines" is on the road this week at 7 p.m. Tuesday in Room 300 at Sandusky High School with supporters of the Sandusky Schools levy on next month's General Election ballot.  
12:19 PM Oct 8, 2012
This savory muffin studded with zucchini and cheddar cheese pairs as wonderfully with dinner as it does breakfast. And consider taking advantage of all that extra zucchini piling up in the garden by baking a double batch. The moisture from the zucchini means these muffins freeze well.
12:00 PM Oct 8, 2012
Fewer people are ripping off motorcycles in Ohio.
10:21 AM Oct 8, 2012
(Updated) Officials are investigating a Sunday afternoon crash that occurred after a woman stopped her 2011 Honda Accord at a Danbury Township railroad crossing.
10:02 AM Oct 8, 2012
The U.S. Border Patrol agent killed last week in a shooting in southern Arizona apparently opened fire on two fellow agents thinking they were armed smugglers and was killed when they returned fire, the head of the Border Patrol agents’ union said Sunday.
9:00 AM Oct 8, 2012
OK, Santa Claus is still coming to town. But whether he arrives in style, well, that depends on the Community Celebrations Council finding a donor with the Christmas spirit.
7:45 AM Oct 8, 2012
Wife of driver injured in Ohio 61 crash
6:00 AM Oct 8, 2012