The Walleye Festival in Port Clinton was jamming on Saturday and is open today through Monday at 5 p.m.
9:55 AM May 27, 2012
A 55-year-old Clyde woman died Saturday after she lost control of her bicycle and was run over by a pickup.
9:50 AM May 27, 2012
Second Lt. Paul F. Baum, of Sandusky, died in 1944 during a bombing raid in France. But his sacrifice hasn't been forgotten.
9:49 AM May 27, 2012
A well-traveled road leading into downtown Sandusky will shut down for a few hours Monday morning.
9:49 AM May 27, 2012
Q & A With America's Real Estate Professor
7:57 AM May 27, 2012

My two boys, Will and Payton, and I will be embarking on another road trip this summer. You may remember last year when the boys and I started at the “0” mile marker of U.S. 250 and drove it until it ended in Richmond, VA.

7:02 AM May 27, 2012
Q: I've been seeing this guy who happens to be bi-racial; I'm white. He's very attractive, successful, and he is good to me but my friends don't approve. I don't want to break it off because this could be going somewhere. I'm utterly confused. - Surrounded by scrutiny
7:01 AM May 27, 2012

Two of Cedar Point’s top roller coasters need your help to become even more famous.

The Travel Channel is conducting an online vote to determine which American coasters will be featured on upcoming episodes of “Insane Coaster Wars.”

7:00 AM May 27, 2012

Excerpt from "Between the Lines" column in today's Sunday Register, May 27, 2012: 

6:25 AM May 27, 2012
Excerpt from the Viewpoint editorial in today's Sunday Register, May 27, 2012: These are not easy cases. Victims are often reluctant to talk about the crimes and evidence is sometimes difficult to develop. At times it can seem near impossible to draw facts from allegations. And sometimes the victims have checkered backgrounds. Everybody has an opinion; Don't miss ours
5:57 AM May 27, 2012

UPDATED WITH VIDEO "Between the Lines Live" was live today at 1 p.m. with audience questions from the interactive chatroom for guests Kim Nuesse and her attorney, K. Ronald Bailey. 

Watch the program in the player below

12:03 PM May 26, 2012
Erie County commissioners abruptly slammed the brakes on a proposed license plate tax hike, which could have doubled or tripled fees for area residents. The three commissioners unanimously rejected assessing additional fees for each time someone registers or renews a license plate through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
12:02 PM May 26, 2012
Q: Hey can you find out whats going on with the parks downtown there are still no flowers anywhere. Are the going to be put in before Bike Week starts? It would be good to have the parks ready. Thanks. -Jim on Clinton St.
10:46 AM May 26, 2012