A Sandusky martial arts instructor escaped death for the second time in four years Wednesday after a two-vehicle wreck at Decatur and West Washington streets.
10:33 AM Oct 4, 2012
Enjoy a weekend full of art, roller derby, burgers, pirates and, of course, Halloween, in our top five picks.
10:00 AM Oct 4, 2012
An outbreak of a rare and deadly form of meningitis has now sickened 26 people in five states who received steroid injections mostly for back pain, health officials said Wednesday. Four people have died, and more cases are expected.
8:45 AM Oct 4, 2012
Two events raising awareness of domestic violence are open to the public this month.
8:30 AM Oct 4, 2012
Mmmm. Nothing says good eats like soy residue. Except that in Chinese cooking, it really can. And you very likely have enjoyed that soy residue, many times and in many ways.
8:00 AM Oct 4, 2012
A northeastern Ohio man says he was able to walk away after his car drove off a bridge and plunged into the Cuyahoga River.
5:45 AM Oct 4, 2012
One local educator hopes local passions will heat up later this month when BGSU Firelands hosts a live viewing of the second presidential debate, scheduled for Oct. 16.
3:45 AM Oct 4, 2012
The six candidates for two Erie County commissioner seats faced off at Sandusky High School.
10:06 PM Oct 3, 2012
The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that state law doesn't entitle minors the right to an attorney during police interrogations that come before charges are filed or an initial appearance in juvenile court.
7:45 PM Oct 3, 2012
As an 8-year-old, all James Gatton dreamed about was becoming a Boy Scout.
5:45 PM Oct 3, 2012
This past week, really wasn't too eventful. Did my workouts, went to work and moved nonstop. I've been working, working out, running errands, going here, running there, then flying over that way. Busy, busy, busy. This weekend is no different. As I sit here writing this, I'm at a birthday party for...
3:30 PM Oct 3, 2012
Q: I'm having trouble with an on-and-off relationship. We both love each other, but in the last 14 months that we have known each other I was accused of stealing from her family, she then cheated on me, so I relapsed on drugs and really did steal from her. I'm clean again and since all of that we are still in contact, still see each other, we are still best friends and still in love with each other. She keeps me a secret from her family and friends. I didn't know this until somewhat recently, and it made me feel like she was stringing me along for her own selfish reasons.
3:16 PM Oct 3, 2012