Katelyn Taylor, 18, charged with felonious assault.
9:13 AM Nov 13, 2013
Furry elementary teacher used the Heimlich maneuver to help choking student.
9:06 AM Nov 13, 2013
Black Friday eats up more of the Thursday holiday
9:00 AM Nov 13, 2013
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7:32 AM Nov 13, 2013
It was a training exercise.

It happened in a rapid pace, with multiple participants and was intense.

7:19 AM Nov 13, 2013
Students from Huron High School
6:42 AM Nov 13, 2013
Height includes 408-foot-tall needle atop skyscraper's roof
6:00 AM Nov 13, 2013
This season is trailing the more successful contestants
5:20 AM Nov 13, 2013
Appeals court rules against Sandusky County; Bryan Jones case ordered to trial
3:12 AM Nov 13, 2013
The last defendant in a federal case involving the Gonos family’s financial crimes will not appear in court for another few months.
11:09 PM Nov 12, 2013
A Willard-area woman remains sedated and intubated in a Toledo hospital after suffering a gunshot wound to her leg last week.
9:08 PM Nov 12, 2013
A Friday afternoon traffic stop on the Ohio Turnpike netted troopers an arrest and $26,000 worth of illegal tobacco.
8:13 PM Nov 12, 2013
The opportunity to get your picture with Santa, begins this Saturday at the Sandusky Mall.
8:01 PM Nov 12, 2013
New guidelines for first time target strokes as well as heart attacks
8:00 PM Nov 12, 2013
Students from Edison High School.
7:49 PM Nov 12, 2013