Seventy percent in mortorcycle accidents aren't wearing head gear
10:00 AM Jun 7, 2013

Libertarians believe government should have a compelling reason before it restricts an individual’s liberty. Today’s liberals believe almost any reason will do, because liberty is less important than equality, fraternity, fighting obesity, and many other aspirations.

9:30 AM Jun 7, 2013

The third installment of the Werling boys road trip series is set and this year we are calling it a "Round Trip" as we are driving around Lake Erie.

9:22 AM Jun 7, 2013
18-year-old apologizes; gets five years in prison for fatally stabbing his uncle in December inside a Clinton Street home
9:00 AM Jun 7, 2013
Newly released statistics show Ohio's economy grew slightly last year for the third consecutive year.
8:30 AM Jun 7, 2013
She's behind bars after allegedly plowing her pickup over a biker and fleeing the scene Thursday morning. Victim's condition upgraded.
8:00 AM Jun 7, 2013
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7:20 AM Jun 7, 2013
Norwalk police officer accused of causing woman's black eye during 'dispute'
6:30 AM Jun 7, 2013
Two adults and three children suffer incapacitating injuries in accident on Baseline Road.
4:46 AM Jun 7, 2013
Made-up names — "Isolation kid," "Creepy smile kid," and others — appear in NY high school's yearbook
1:16 AM Jun 7, 2013
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper: Disclosure of Internet surveillance program is "reprehensible."
1:09 AM Jun 7, 2013
IRS top deuty Faris Fink tells Congress that lavish conference wasn't the best use of taxpayer dollars
1:03 AM Jun 7, 2013
At $4 a gallon, some Sandusky residents feel they're being taken for a ride.
12:56 AM Jun 7, 2013


"Good luck!"

"It must be nice."

Words of honest praise from others who very much mean you well.

5:12 PM Jun 6, 2013