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8:05 PM Jun 4, 2011
A part-time Wakeman police officer was ordered to pay a $750 fine after he pleaded no contest to driving under the influence while off duty.
12:00 PM Jun 4, 2011
Sandusky police arrested a man who had been wanted for kidnapping, burglary and other charges since February.
11:00 AM Jun 4, 2011
After returning home from the Gulf War in 1995 as a 21-year-old, Brian Trumpower considered college but deferred that dream for another one.
10:00 AM Jun 4, 2011
Saddled with a slowdown in hiring, President Barack Obama is drawing attention to the auto industry's rebound, visiting a Chrysler plant in politically important Ohio as he seeks to highlight a rare bright spot in the sluggish economic recovery.
9:00 AM Jun 4, 2011
The message arrived on penguin stationary, written in a child's hesitant script.
8:00 AM Jun 4, 2011
A child struck by a vehicle while riding an electric scooter wasn't seriously injured, but the accident sparked a fight between his parents, resulting in menacing charges.
7:00 AM Jun 4, 2011
A group of Indiana teens claimed they were robbed at gunpoint Friday morning, but police quickly learned their story didn't add up.
6:00 AM Jun 4, 2011
A Norwalk woman was still struggling to survive Friday evening, two days after surviving a brutal attack with a screwdriver.
5:00 AM Jun 4, 2011
Local school superintendents said they will explore local consolidation options -- so long as an outside source can provide the funding for an independent study.
12:18 AM Jun 4, 2011