Behind this door lies hidden treasures.
3:01 PM Feb 22, 2013

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending Feb. 16. For a full listing of all real estate transactions for the week in Erie, Ottawa and Huron counties, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.



1:02 PM Feb 22, 2013

This week on Between the Lines, managing editor Matt Westerhold interviews exiting school board member Richard Koonce about his new endeavors. Click below to watch the program.

11:01 AM Feb 22, 2013
Huron officials follow a simple but cost-effective strategy to limit legal costs: Handle most public legal matters in-house, rather than relying on outside attorneys.
10:09 AM Feb 22, 2013
Proposed Ohio legislation would add bankers, pharmacists and county humane society agents to the list of people required under law to report suspected elder abuse.
9:05 AM Feb 22, 2013
Marguerite Joseph can be forgiven for lying about her age on Facebook.
6:04 AM Feb 22, 2013
An arbitrator ruled the city was wrong in firing Sandusky police Sgt. Steve Ritterbach, but OK'd a demotion for the officer.
5:37 AM Feb 22, 2013
There's a weather advisory.
5:18 AM Feb 22, 2013
Advocates for the mentally ill say they welcome a side effect of Gov. John Kasich’s proposal to expand Medicaid dollars: More money to treat people with mental illness.
5:03 AM Feb 22, 2013
An 81-year-old Marblehead woman's good intentions could cost her $200,000, but it will be up to Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan whether anyone will face criminal charges.
4:44 PM Feb 21, 2013
Judges have denied an appeal from a used car salesman serving five and a half years in prison on a series of theft, forgery and motor vehicle title convictions.
4:08 PM Feb 21, 2013
The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory for the entire Register curculation area in effect from 1 a.m. to noon Friday.
3:58 PM Feb 21, 2013