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7:38 AM Oct 14, 2013

This one small plant can be easily missed in a meadow if you don’t know what you are looking for, but it is unmistakable once you know its characteristics.

7:26 AM Oct 14, 2013

The Erie County Business Political Action Committee endorsed four candidates this week in the Sandusky city commission race: Dick Brady, Dennis Murray Jr., Scott Schell and Naomi Twine. 

7:21 AM Oct 14, 2013
Museum organizer: Gateway city's blues roots way deeper than Chicago's
6:00 AM Oct 14, 2013
Rebuilt 1813 warship in Cleveland for routine repairs
8:00 PM Oct 13, 2013
13th day for federal shutdown that has continued to idle 350,000 government workers, left hundreds of thousands of others working without pay
6:00 PM Oct 13, 2013
Pirates sweep team standings
4:44 PM Oct 13, 2013
A fourth-place district finish last season denied Clyde's Amanda Cahill and Lexi Weber a second trip to the state tennis tournament.
3:50 PM Oct 13, 2013
We’ve been having some beautiful weather, but when the sun goes down it gets awfully cold.  The colder it gets, the more I jones for a good, hearty stout.  But where can one go to enjoy such illustrious, chocolaty, roasted grainy deliciousness?  Why none other than Bayshore Beverage of course!  I...
3:34 PM Oct 13, 2013
New construction of homes up compared to previous years.
3:24 PM Oct 13, 2013
Gioffre shoots 161 for Huron, Mollohan 168 for Chargers
2:40 PM Oct 13, 2013
Doesn't a burger from the Old Dutch sound good right about now? Try to win one in the comments below. Hint #1: This week's odd item of the week is a real treat and it could be tricky to figure it out. Hint #2: MMB Hint #3: You won't find a Big Mac at the Dutch, but this week you might some...
1:50 PM Oct 13, 2013