Citigroup Inc. said Thursday that hackers accessed the credit card information of North American customers, in an online security breach affecting about 200,000 accounts.
9:00 AM Jun 10, 2011
Police charged a man with disorderly conduct after he allegedly threatened to burn his children's pet snake and cut off its head.
8:00 AM Jun 10, 2011
Elyria businessman Bradley Ohlemacher stood elbow-to-elbow with President Barack Obama twice last year as the president stumped on the small-business front.
5:00 AM Jun 10, 2011
(WITH CRUISER VIDEO) Discipline awaits a Sandusky police officer whose cruiser crashed into two parked cars Wednesday after he failed to put his vehicle in park.
5:52 PM Jun 9, 2011
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4:59 PM Jun 9, 2011
Q: What is happening with Legends Park? I keep seeing the opening in 2011 signs, but now it says 2012. If they want it to be ready for Spring 2012, shouldn't they be working on it by now? Thanks! Jason on Memphis Avenue
12:23 PM Jun 9, 2011
How are downtown businesses preparing for Ohio Bike Week?
10:00 AM Jun 9, 2011
The Ohio Senate passed a state budget Wednesday night that would spend more money on high-performing schools and in-home care for the elderly, while making sweeping policy changes such as banning abortions in publicly funded hospitals.
9:00 AM Jun 9, 2011
A 17-year-old boy suspected in a shooting outside a Perkins Avenue restaurant will be tried as an adult.
6:00 AM Jun 9, 2011
A Sandusky man was hospitalized Wednesday after a collision at Neil and Warren streets.
11:27 PM Jun 8, 2011
Kylie Niedermier is just an ordinary girl, with a love of dress-up, puppies and especially the color purple. She can do a lot of things — read, sing with her brother, and identify any bird that flies by her window. She isn't defined by her disorder, and it certainly doesn't break her spirit.
8:45 PM Jun 8, 2011
The Ohio Supreme Court says the state's statutory rape law is unconstitutional when applied to children engaging in sexual conduct when both children are under the age of 13.
5:27 PM Jun 8, 2011
Community activist Sharon Johnson was our guest on Between the Lines this afternoon. We also had Funcoast Magazine editor Ashley Bethard and a call in from sports editor Anthony Moujaes.
4:07 PM Jun 8, 2011
Sandusky police arrested a homeless man who reportedly rode his bicycle through the city while intoxicated.
2:56 PM Jun 8, 2011
(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Perkins Township closed an embarrassing chapter in its history on Tuesday when a local judge ordered former police Chief Tim McClung to serve a year behind bars for theft in office.
2:47 PM Jun 8, 2011