The good news for residents of Sandusky when it comes to their government: The U.S. Congress is less capable of doing its job than Sandusky city commission is at handling its responsibilities.

But not by much.

6:23 AM Dec 30, 2012
Chevron CEO John Watson notices something important as he visits his company's operations around the globe: Governments everywhere find high energy prices much scarier than the threat of global warming.
6:01 AM Dec 30, 2012
Christmas spirit is alive and well in Erie County although it doesn’t always come with a name tag.
5:01 AM Dec 30, 2012
During stressful times as a combat medic in Afghanistan, Mason Sullivan found solace in Vivaldi. New Jersey native Nairobi Cruz was comforted by country music, a genre she had never heard before joining the Army. For Jose Mercedes, it was an eclectic iPod mix that helped him cope with losing an arm during a tour of duty in Iraq.
3:02 PM Dec 29, 2012
Layoffs could hit Sandusky fire department
1:00 PM Dec 29, 2012
A northwest Ohio woman who police say caused the death of her 6-month-old son by throwing him has been indicted on a murder charge.
10:51 AM Dec 29, 2012
Sometimes, a little of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.
9:01 AM Dec 29, 2012
If ever a food needed a brand overhaul, it is salt cod.
6:55 AM Dec 29, 2012
After a bleak winter for Ohio ski resorts last year, this week's heavy snowfall is being celebrated as many slopes open for the first time this season.
6:03 AM Dec 29, 2012
A new state law, recently approved by Gov. John Kasich, requires government officials to immediately reimburse patrons overpaying for court-based services.
5:01 AM Dec 29, 2012
After several phone calls and Google searches, we made a list of all of the awesome New Year’s events and parties that are happening around the area, just for you.
9:45 PM Dec 28, 2012
In just a few days, a walkout by thousands of dock workers could bring commerce to a near standstill at every major port from Boston to Houston, potentially delivering a big blow to retailers and manufacturers still struggling to find their footing in a weak economy.
8:19 PM Dec 28, 2012
A southwest Ohio sheriff's deputy made a special delivery on Christmas Eve.
6:01 PM Dec 28, 2012