Q: Here's another restaurant question for you.Is there an opening date for the hot dog restaurant that was going to open downtown? Thanks to the mailbag!! - Jacque on Palmer Dr.
12:05 PM Mar 1, 2012
Jeff Rann had ample warning that terrible weather was approaching before dawn. A frantic call to his wife from his mother-in-law alerted them to reports that a tornado was barreling down, and Rann heard the deafening wail of storm sirens.
11:42 AM Mar 1, 2012
Backers of gay marriage in Ohio are taking another step to try to overturn the state's constitutional ban enacted eight years ago.
10:14 AM Mar 1, 2012
The Harrington family welcomed a baby boy, Cameron, on Leap Day at Firelands Regional Medical Center.
10:01 AM Mar 1, 2012
Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who's seeking the Libertarian nomination in the presidential race, says he favors gay marriage and legalizing marijuana.
10:01 AM Mar 1, 2012
The new owner of Maui Sands won't have the water park up and running for summer visitors, but he will have 136 rooms available at a great price.
9:00 AM Mar 1, 2012
An adoptive father in western Ohio has been accused of raping three children and allowing other men to have sex with one of them, allegations that a family services official on Wednesday called "heinous."
6:00 AM Mar 1, 2012
Political newcomer Graham Veysey has targeted Sandusky to become a central hub for the new 9th Congressional District.
6:48 PM Feb 29, 2012
Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a crash after a semi-truck failed to stop for an oncoming vehicle in Greek Creek Township early Wednesday morning.
6:47 PM Feb 29, 2012

This week on Between the Lines, Matt Westerhold sits down for a conversations with Sandusky schools superintendent Tom Tucker.


3:38 PM Feb 29, 2012
A relieved-sounding Mitt Romney is hoping to parlay twin victories in Arizona and Michigan into Super Tuesday momentum as the GOP presidential race sweeps across 10 states at once next week. After falling short of an upset, rival Rick Santorum faces stiffer competition for conservative votes when the contest moves into Newt Gingrich territory.
12:45 PM Feb 29, 2012
Erie MetroParks announced today that 74 acres of marsh and wetlands will be added to the Wyandot Wetland Meadows Preserve, a part of East Sandusky Bay MetroPark in Huron.
12:39 PM Feb 29, 2012
Q: Is there any zoning laws in effect to regulate the placement on political signs? I have noticed several large campaign signs placed at intersections that are obstructing the line of sight for drivers to see oncoming traffic. I have notice this in both the city as well as Perkins Township. - Dave In Perkins
12:00 PM Feb 29, 2012