Teach for America, the service-oriented program that places recent college graduates in low-income public schools, will expand into Ohio this fall, organization and state officials said Wednesday.
12:50 PM Mar 7, 2012
(UPDATED 12:49 a.m.) Veteran Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur has defeated longtime Washington colleague Dennis Kucinich in a bruising Ohio showdown made necessary by a newly drawn congressional map. Kaptur is in her 15th term representing the Toledo area. She ran a campaign that emphasized her record of bringing federal money and projects back to the state.
12:45 PM Mar 7, 2012
(UPDATED 9:15 p.m.) Unofficial results show Sigsworth bests Majoy.
12:44 PM Mar 7, 2012
Just in case you missed all the interviews and live election coverage, we have it here to watch from the comfort of your computer.
12:42 PM Mar 7, 2012
(UPDATED 1 a.m.) Woodmore Schools and Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools got voters to approve bond issues and levies Tuesday night, but a levy in Genoa Schools is still too close to call.
1:24 AM Mar 7, 2012
(UPDATED 9:30 p.m.) Sandusky County voters weren't in the mood for levies Tuesday. Unofficial results show a narrow majority voted against a mental health board levy and a levy to fund programs for disabled people.
1:23 AM Mar 7, 2012
(UPDATED 1 a.m.) Norwalk's fire department and library got solid support from the city's voters Tuesday, but Norwalk Schools and the Huron County Senior Center weren't so fortunate.
1:22 AM Mar 7, 2012
(UPDATED 12:55 a.m.) Samuel Wurzelbacher has won the Republican nomination in his home state as he makes a bid for Congress.
12:59 AM Mar 7, 2012
(UPDATED 9:20 p.m.) Margaretta Township voters have soundly supported a levy for the fire department, but they shot down a levy to fund road and bridge repairs, according to unoffiical election results.
9:26 PM Mar 6, 2012
(UPDATED 9:21 p.m.) Unofficial results show the charter change has been defeated.
9:21 PM Mar 6, 2012
(UPDATED 9:19 p.m.) Unofficial results show Ferrell has defeated Terry.
9:19 PM Mar 6, 2012
(UPDATED 9:15 p.m.)Unofficial results show Shenigo bests Artino.
9:17 PM Mar 6, 2012
(UPDATED 4:18 p.m.) The economy and which candidate had the best chance to beat President Barack Obama were some of the main concerns cited by Ohio Republicans voting on Super Tuesday in the GOP presidential primary.
5:49 PM Mar 6, 2012

Reporters Emil Whitis and Andy Ouriel are asking this year's Presidential candidates to make an Ohio campaign stop in Sandusky.

5:49 PM Mar 6, 2012