Teachers in a Cleveland-area school district are going on strike. More than 380 members of the teacher's union in Strongsville voted to strike Monday.
9:30 AM Mar 4, 2013
Crews on Sunday razed more than half of the Tampa-area home perched over a huge sinkhole that swallowed a man three days ago, managing to salvage some keepsakes for family members who lived there.
9:00 AM Mar 4, 2013
Several families with children who died or have been stricken with cancer in the Clyde area have hired their own environmental testing firm to start testing various sites in a countinuing search for answers.
7:58 AM Mar 4, 2013
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7:30 AM Mar 4, 2013
Dogs aching to run bolted out of the chute Sunday to launch the 41st running of Alaska's IditarodTrail Sled Dog Race.
6:00 AM Mar 4, 2013
Environmentalists are calling for stricter regulations after the owner of an excavating company ordered his employees to dump drilling waste into a storm drain. Ben Lupo, owner of D&L Energy and Hardrock Excavating, admitted to the Ohio EPA he ordered the workers to dump the waste. He was arrested and charged Feb. 14 in federal court for violating the Clean Water Act.
4:58 AM Mar 4, 2013

Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in Monday's Register: 

7:56 PM Mar 3, 2013
Most Ohio Internet cafes provided incomplete information to the state and most of the businesses' operators who can be identified have spotty financial backgrounds or criminal histories, a newspaper investigation has found.
5:28 PM Mar 3, 2013
Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan has yet to make up his mind on a possible $200,000 theft from the elderly case. But that’s not to say he hasn’t done anything. In an unorthodox pre-trial, pre-charges move, Mulligan sent a letter and all his evidence to the suspect’s attorney last week.
1:15 PM Mar 3, 2013
A compilation of recent comments at sanduskyregister.com
10:25 AM Mar 3, 2013
GO. Get Outside. Literally- go do something, preferably outside, maybe a physical activity (walking works great), technology optional (it's hard to let go, I know). That is how I try to live my life these days. Following those simple directions, a whole world has opened before my eyes and within my...
10:00 AM Mar 3, 2013
Three buildings at the southeast corner of Sandusky and Main streets, adjacent to the Bellevue Public Library, are being demolished this month.
9:59 AM Mar 3, 2013
Olympian shot, killed girlfriend thinking she was intruder.
9:00 AM Mar 3, 2013
Challenging a White House mandate for birth control coverage in health insurance, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan sounded like a general rallying the troops. "The only thing we're certainly not prepared to do is give in," Dolan said at a national bishops' meeting last November. "We're not violating our consciences."
7:54 AM Mar 3, 2013