Sandusky County sheriff's deputy Sean O'Connell met with a witness Thursday and talked at length about DNA, forensic evidence and discord at the Sandusky County sheriff's office. Click here to follow a link to hear a recording of the conversation.
5:06 PM Apr 6, 2013
Reaction to Fred Fox firing cuts across community.
1:00 PM Apr 6, 2013

Bad baby sitter

Bellevue Police
Friday, March 29, 2013
6:56 p.m. — 100 block Euclid Ave., woman found 2-year-old boy walking down street alone; cousin picked him up, said whoever was watching him was “bad baby sitter.”

10:30 AM Apr 6, 2013
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10:30 AM Apr 6, 2013
News from the Associated Press
9:30 AM Apr 6, 2013
Homebuilders showcase their products.
9:30 AM Apr 6, 2013
A Sandusky man stormed his way into a Putnam Street home Thursday morning and pummeled a woman in the face before stealing her cash, according to Sandusky police.
9:00 AM Apr 6, 2013

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Dr. Cyril Wecht was the guest on 'Between the Lines Live' at 

8:45 AM Apr 6, 2013
What would it take to build a minor league baseball stadium on the Northcoast?
8:00 AM Apr 6, 2013

Neighborly concern

7:30 AM Apr 6, 2013

Excerpt from Sunday's editorial: Former Erie County Sheriff John Magnuson died last week, prompting an outpouring of memories and appreciation for his service.

6:30 AM Apr 6, 2013
There’s something about spaghetti dinners as fundraisers that attracts large crowds. At least that’s what cancer survivor Larry Riedy has learned over the last 10 years at the annual Spaghetti & Meatball Fundraiser hosted by the Sons of the AMVETS Post 17 with the proceeds going to Cancer Services.
5:10 AM Apr 6, 2013
Photo gallery: On tiptoe, 6-year-olds pursue their ballet dreams in New York City
3:42 AM Apr 6, 2013
City manager made offer today; new chief to be sworn-in Tuesday.
5:11 PM Apr 5, 2013