Sandusky woman pronounced dead at hospital
10:13 PM Jun 3, 2013
Vehicle flips at Arlington Road and Ohio 61
6:45 PM Jun 3, 2013
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4:45 PM Jun 3, 2013
I often hear the line 'There's nothing to do around here!' While you think that may be true, I beg to differ. There is SO much to do around Sandusky especially in the summertime! If you are bored on the shores of Lake Erie, it's your own fault. Let's look at this geographically, shall we? Even if...
4:00 PM Jun 3, 2013

It could be said that we are in the midst of a parade season, beginning with the recent Memorial Day parade, and continuing with motorcycle “parades” during Bike Week. Many summer festivals in local communities include parades.

3:00 PM Jun 3, 2013

This week on master herbalist Mary Colvin's blog, she reviews the many uses of Lemon Balm, how to keep the mint-family herb from taking over your garden, and its history.

11:33 AM Jun 3, 2013
Never a 'dingbat,' beloved actress died Friday.
10:30 AM Jun 3, 2013

I read the article “Outlaws raided” and couldn’t resist the temptation to question the “police state” mentality of our current laws.

I find the federal government’s power to seal the search warrant that was used to justify the raid is an encroachment of all of our civil liberties.

10:00 AM Jun 3, 2013

Excerpt: Texting while driving is dangerous, especially if you are driving a train. A commuter train engineer was texting on Sept. 12, 2008, near Los Angeles, when he missed a stop signal and crashed into a freight train. Twenty-five people died.

9:30 AM Jun 3, 2013
Register intern tackles zombie monster training at Ghostly Manor
9:00 AM Jun 3, 2013
Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden is staying home much more this season.
8:30 AM Jun 3, 2013
State's average price is 21 cents higher than national average.
8:00 AM Jun 3, 2013
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Milan Police

March 28, 2013
10:05 p.m.  — First block S. Main St., man drove off from gas station, hose stuck in his vehicle; returned several hours later, said he didn't know he damaged pump.


7:00 AM Jun 3, 2013

Excerpt: Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine does have something to prove in taking over the Jacob Limberios investigation. This is his opportunity to do that. 

5:30 AM Jun 3, 2013