Unemployment fell in Erie County and other local counties last month, according to a report released today by Ohio Job and Family Services.
2:25 PM Jun 21, 2011

Taxpayers in Congressman Bob Latta's district, which includes Huron, Sandusky and Seneca counties, may be getting lots of extra representation when they send him to Washington. When he's working in his office in the U.S.

1:33 PM Jun 21, 2011
Sandusky EMS transported a woman to Firelands Regional Medical Center shortly before noon after a crash at West Washington and Jackson streets.
12:07 PM Jun 21, 2011

Hello everyone. This past week I didn't get to the gym as often as I wanted, but I still managed to lose. I am down 41 pounds now total. I have 9 more to go by July 7. That's 17 days and I feel I can do it.

11:10 AM Jun 21, 2011

Hey readers, the halfway point is rapidly approaching and I'm in high gear this week. I promised I would be 250 and I'm not going to disappoint.

My injury is better, my attitude is right and my diet is improving.

10:58 AM Jun 21, 2011
We asked a few people around town if they think the Indians will be able to hold on to their lead. Watch this video to hear their thoughts and jump into the conversation by commenting below.
10:27 AM Jun 21, 2011
The grounding of flights Sunday at Reagan National Airport was prompted by a woman who told an Ohio airport worker that there was a bomb aboard an airplane -- a warning she later said she had received in a message from God, the director of Dayton's airport said Monday.
9:00 AM Jun 21, 2011
Cedar Fair said Monday it has found a successor for Dick Kinzel, the longtime Cedar Fair CEO who made Cedar Point the roller coaster capital of the world.
1:39 AM Jun 21, 2011

Connie Schultz had a good column in the PD the other day, entitled, "Now, can we get over LeBron James?"

5:35 PM Jun 20, 2011
An Erie County jury has convicted used car dealer Timothy Newman of 27 criminal counts, including charges of theft and complicity to commit forgery.
4:20 PM Jun 20, 2011
More than 150 people voted in the SanduskyRegister.com poll "Should people be allowed to keep exotic pets?
2:30 PM Jun 20, 2011
Sandusky's rules for trash haulers are pushing the "little guy" out of business -- and many of those small trash haulers are black, says Barbara Clark, the president of the Sandusky chapter of the NAACP.
11:34 AM Jun 20, 2011
The lead researcher of a new U.S. study on drownings says a child dies every five days in a portable pool during the warm-weather months.
9:00 AM Jun 20, 2011
Officials at Fisher-Titus Medical Center say they hope to deliver better, faster care to patients with an expanded emergency room set to open next summer.
6:00 AM Jun 20, 2011
Erie MetroParks commissioners and outgoing executive director Steve Dice announced plans to offset more than $800,000 the park district might have to pay for legal services related to various Greenway cases.
5:00 AM Jun 20, 2011