This week on Between the Lines, Matt Westerhold sits down for a conversations with Sandusky schools superintendent Tom Tucker.


3:38 PM Feb 29, 2012
A relieved-sounding Mitt Romney is hoping to parlay twin victories in Arizona and Michigan into Super Tuesday momentum as the GOP presidential race sweeps across 10 states at once next week. After falling short of an upset, rival Rick Santorum faces stiffer competition for conservative votes when the contest moves into Newt Gingrich territory.
12:45 PM Feb 29, 2012
Erie MetroParks announced today that 74 acres of marsh and wetlands will be added to the Wyandot Wetland Meadows Preserve, a part of East Sandusky Bay MetroPark in Huron.
12:39 PM Feb 29, 2012
Q: Is there any zoning laws in effect to regulate the placement on political signs? I have noticed several large campaign signs placed at intersections that are obstructing the line of sight for drivers to see oncoming traffic. I have notice this in both the city as well as Perkins Township. - Dave In Perkins
12:00 PM Feb 29, 2012
Staff at Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial announced Tuesday the park had 92,000 visitors in 2010 who spent more than $7.1 million in communities near the park.
10:59 AM Feb 29, 2012
Teens jumped out windows and scrambled to escape Tuesday when Sandusky police broke up an underage drinking party at a Carr Street home.
10:58 AM Feb 29, 2012
The dilapidated Keller Building is shedding bricks, which has prompted the city engineer to close Shoreline Drive in that area.
8:30 AM Feb 29, 2012
Sometimes one breakfast isn't enough. So why not sneak in a second or a third?
6:00 AM Feb 29, 2012
Auto sales are growing so fast that Detroit can barely keep up.
4:30 PM Feb 28, 2012
Republican 9th Congressional District candidate Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher visit's the Register's studio for a interview with Managing Editor Matt Westerhold.
4:09 PM Feb 28, 2012
Sandusky Register Managing Editor Matt Westerhold sits down for a conversation with Republican 9th Congressional District candidate Steve Kraus, of Huron.
4:06 PM Feb 28, 2012
The fallout from a sex abuse scandal at the Sandusky County jail has prompted the sheriff to pursue additional training for his employees.
1:36 PM Feb 28, 2012
FirstEnergy announced today it has found the root cause of the cracks in its Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Facility shield building. The culprit is the blizzard of January 1978.
1:32 PM Feb 28, 2012
Sandusy city hall made the following annoucement Friday: Shoreline Drive has been closed, until further notice, between Decatur Street and Jackson Streets.
12:28 PM Feb 28, 2012