Police in Ohio say a woman duped residents of a small town into believing she had cancer and got several thousand dollars from community fundraisers.
1:05 PM Oct 2, 2012

I was simply flabbergasted to hear that the city had $267,000 of uncollected ambulance fees, untapped revenue, which has accumulated over the years. Can you imagine what that money could buy for the Fire Department! Looking for revenue can sometimes be sitting right at your own backdoor.

10:45 AM Oct 2, 2012
A former MTV star celebrated her 19th birthday at Kalahari Resorts with an amateur cage-fighter, an extremely intoxicated best friend and a few Erie County deputies.
10:28 AM Oct 2, 2012
Just after 10 p.m., when most people their age are going to sleep, a group of elderly folks suffering from dementia are just getting started, dancing and shaking tambourines and maracas in a raucous version of "La Bamba."
8:45 AM Oct 2, 2012
A 16-year-old charged as an adult for allegedly leading a mob-like beating of a 35-year-old man last year has been arrested again.
7:45 AM Oct 2, 2012
A law that has helped Ohio reduce its inmate population is being criticized as too restrictive by judges seeking more leeway in sentencing.
5:45 AM Oct 2, 2012
Before the last of the morning dew burned off the pumpkin patch, Boy Scouts in uniform had snapped up more than 200 of the gourds, covering a flat-bed wagon.
4:45 AM Oct 2, 2012
The Kremlin is watching, European nations are rebelling, and some suspect Moscow is secretly bankrolling a campaign to derail the West's strategic plans.
7:45 PM Oct 1, 2012
Want to win two free tickets to the Sandusky Rollergirls Halloween bout this Saturday? Funcoast.com is giving away sixteen free tickets, and you could win two of them.
7:00 PM Oct 1, 2012
From an experience standpoint, this past week was absolutely wonderful. On Tuesday, I was given the opportunity to be the introductory speaker for the seventh-grade class STEM project at Briar Middle School.
6:30 PM Oct 1, 2012
A southern Ohio church has drawn a standing-room crowd for the dedication of a towering roadside Jesus statue that replaced one destroyed two years ago in a lightning fire.
5:45 PM Oct 1, 2012
A landscaper made a surprise discovery when he found a loaded shotgun in the bushes behind a bank Thursday morning.
2:45 PM Oct 1, 2012
Tuesday marks the first day people can begin voting throughout Ohio.
1:40 PM Oct 1, 2012