SANDUSKY The schedule of training dates for Sandusky City Schools: Today -- Osb
SANDUSKY The Sandusky Yacht Club wants its parking lot and wants it now. The yacht cl
NORWALK Tuesday was a game changer for Norwalk City Schools. Before the meeting that
SANDUSKY They've got a plan - and now they have to figure out how to pay for it.
ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF TUESDAY, SEPT. 16 1:39 a.m. - Ohio 4, Thomas R. Wallace, 20, 500 block
Sandusky City Schools have something to crow about. In less than two years, the uniform proposal made by the school b
Do you believe the quality of choice from Republican brain trust advice. This person is very scary. She believes the Iraq war is God
Attention politicians and partisans: This global warming thing is apparently more complicated than you'd like it to be.
I am furious that you printed the worthless, hate-filled, lying piece of sewage from this poor excuse of a journalist -- Rufus G. W.
Once again Matt Westerhold, true to form, when called to task for printing
I agree with the recent letter from Dr. James Wysor in which he expressed dismay at the Register's humiliating term "Dr. Feelgood" i
I'm worried that, if John McCain becomes our next president, he will die in office (the odds are in the "Grim Reaper's" favor). Then
As a Goldwater Republican, I cannot support John McCain for two reasons; hypocrisy and the economy. John McCain made
I implore everyone not to look at color, but at the man. Obama is like going back to the Carter Administration, a total failure.
REPUBLIC Seneca East High School students started school Wednesday like every other day, with excite
Sarah Palin has certainly brought energy and youth to the Republican ticket. And wanting to buck the Washington system is refreshing
SANDUSKY A man with a blue bandana over his face and armed with a handgun ordered an
NORWALK The previous layoffs were temporary. Not this time. Norwalk Fu
NORWALK The previous layoffs were temporary. Not this time. Norwalk Fu
MONROEVILLE With one command, man's best friend becomes a criminal's worst nightmare. In a split-sec