The following dogs are available for adoption from the Erie County Dog Pound:
2:00 PM Jun 15, 2012
The following real estate transactions represent the highest and lowest amounts recorded in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties for the week ending June 15.
1:30 PM Jun 15, 2012
Erie MetroParks officials want to increase the price to play inside a popular pooch park.
1:11 PM Jun 15, 2012
Q: Hi Mailbag, A friend and I were wondering what happens to the water used at the splash pad on Huron Avenue. Thanks for your research! - Debbie on Huron Avenue
12:02 PM Jun 15, 2012

Most people heading to the Lake Erie islands this weekend will take a ferry — just like visitors did 100 years ago. The vessels, however, will look much different.

10:59 AM Jun 15, 2012

The biggest breakthrough bringing President Barack Obama to Sandusky just occurred.

For months, I’ve communicated with people linked to Obama’s re-election campaign.

10:18 AM Jun 15, 2012
Federal agents have a new headquarters for guarding a 100-mile stretch of Ohio's northern border against terrorists and smugglers.
10:17 AM Jun 15, 2012
Several wrong-way auto accidents in northern Ohio, including a crash that killed three sorority sisters, have led the state's highway department to put up new signs designed to prevent drivers from going the wrong way.
10:00 AM Jun 15, 2012
Narrow fairways and winding greens provide problems when people play at the inclusive Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters Tournament.
9:00 AM Jun 15, 2012
Ohio Gov. John Kasich is meeting with top lawmakers to reflect on the passage of his unconventional midterm budget and other policy changes.
6:00 AM Jun 15, 2012
Q: Dear Mailbag, We were going to Pat Catan's and noticed that someone is working on the old Blockbuster builder. Any idea on what business is going in there? - Eric on Hendry Street
8:32 PM Jun 14, 2012
Surgeon Timothy Jorden saved the lives of patients with gunshot wounds, lived in big home by Lake Erie and owned four vehicles. He was a product of a working-class neighborhood who became an Army officer before coming home to earn his medical degree.
8:06 PM Jun 14, 2012

This is a weekly column by Sandusky attorney Dan McGookey, devoted to telling true stories of homeowners who have been victimized by a lending system that makes it profitable to foreclose. The names used have been changed for privacy purposes. This is the Sharpes' Tale.

4:15 PM Jun 14, 2012
Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are still investigating the cause of a fatal SUV-versus-motorcycle wreck on May 16.
3:07 PM Jun 14, 2012