The Erie County Dog Pound features these pups for adoptions:
2:03 PM Jul 15, 2011
Ohio's governor has made a surprise offer of $2 million in state funding to the state's children's hospitals, so they'll work together on medical research.
12:41 PM Jul 15, 2011
President Barack Obama said Friday Congress has a "unique opportunity to do something big" and stabilize the U.S. economy for decades by cutting deficits at the same time it raises the national debt limit ahead of a critical Aug. 2 deadline.
11:26 AM Jul 15, 2011
A DNA test revealed that accused murderer William Liske raped his stepmother Susan, according to a recently released investigative report.
10:16 AM Jul 15, 2011
About 15 teens or young men brutally beat a 17-year-old boy Friday at Huron River Fest, according to police and the victim's mother.
9:00 AM Jul 15, 2011
Seven-year-old Iris Radcliffe loved playing outside just as much as she loved dressing up and trying on lipstick with the cousin she adored.
6:00 AM Jul 15, 2011
The federal government asked the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday to reconsider its order last week demanding an immediate halt to the enforcement of the ban on openly gay troops in the military.
5:00 AM Jul 15, 2011
A man who has allegedly left a trail of theft and fraud from Ohio to Florida - and back - is behind bars at the Erie County jail.
12:01 AM Jul 15, 2011
A 7-year-old Norwalk girl died Wednesday after a van struck her as she tried to cross Milan Avenue. Iris Radcliffe was pronounced dead shortly after the collision, Norwalk police said.
5:14 PM Jul 14, 2011
The newly appointed public schools chief in Ohio is telling staff at the state's education department that he has to eliminate at least 26 positions at the agency by the month's end because of budget cuts.
4:06 PM Jul 14, 2011
Workers at an Ohio Taco Bell say four people wanted more than nachos.
3:27 PM Jul 14, 2011
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2:28 PM Jul 14, 2011

I keep running into trailers for "Moneyball," the new Brad Pitt movie about Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics.

2:15 PM Jul 14, 2011
The Boys & Girls Club of Erie County has received multiple reports in recent days of a group trying to scam local residents by claiming to represent the organization.
1:48 PM Jul 14, 2011