Actor Alec Baldwin says he was kicked off a plane Tuesday at Los Angeles International Airport after having words with a flight attendant over an "addicting" word game he was playing on his cellphone.
6:00 AM Dec 7, 2011
Sixth District Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction of a Greenwich man who sexually assaulted a young teen relative.
6:00 AM Dec 7, 2011
The Mylander Foundation announced Tuesday that it has distributed $134,785 to charitable and government organizations in 2011.
5:55 PM Dec 6, 2011
At least one person was transported to the hospital after a two-vehicle crash at U.S. 6 and Ohio 269 in Margaretta Township on Tuesday afternoon.
5:36 PM Dec 6, 2011
Three sixth-grade students are indefinitely suspended after the trio's hit list came to light.
4:16 PM Dec 6, 2011
Ford Motor Co.'s $128 million investment at a northeast Ohio plant will protect its nearly 2,000 jobs while shifting medium-duty truck production from Mexico, the automaker said Tuesday.
3:15 PM Dec 6, 2011
Two members of the Ohio House of Representatives are bringing legislators to the Sandusky area for a special meeting to consider the impact of Lake Erie's algal bloom.
2:47 PM Dec 6, 2011
The home where a serial killer dumped the remains of the 11 women he murdered was torn apart Tuesday by a demolition crew, a move that neighbors and victims' relatives said would help bring closure and stop gawkers from seeking out what some have dubbed a "house of horrors."
2:30 PM Dec 6, 2011
Need a little holiday cheer on this dreary Tuesday? Check out this video of some jolly little elves dancing in Norwalk.
2:30 PM Dec 6, 2011
A mother who had been denied welfare benefits killed herself and shot her two children after a seven-hour standoff at a government social services office, police said.
1:40 PM Dec 6, 2011

Things are going OK. I know that I won't hit my goal of 100 pounds, which is why I didn't want to set a goal. I am down nearly 90 pounds, though.

I'm still working out as much as I can, but again, work is getting in the way with both working out and my school work.

1:04 PM Dec 6, 2011
The Ohio State Highway Patrol is trying to drive home some safety practices before motorists hit icy roads this winter.
12:51 PM Dec 6, 2011

(Blogger's Note: I asked some of my favorite writers and several friends to contribute to this look back at books they read, and recommend, in 2011. In the end, I had to stop asking people for contributions and go ahead and publish, but please add your own recommendations in the comments.)

11:54 AM Dec 6, 2011