From East Monroe to Neil, Hancock Street neighbors who still live in the neighborhood or have moved elsewhere come back each year for the annual block party. See more photos here.
10:43 AM Aug 22, 2011
A group of men savagely beat a Sandusky man outside Daly's bar on May 29, leaving his limp body in the rain and a pool of blood.
9:00 AM Aug 22, 2011
Jordan Lange, 18, always enjoyed walking trails and the water. The Perkins Township resident also appreciates what government employees to keep him safe.
6:00 AM Aug 22, 2011
ODOT District 3 has announced the following construction report for the week of August 22.
5:00 AM Aug 22, 2011
Two girls in the Toledo area have been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that a research foundation says affects about one in 4 million to 8 million newborns.
3:00 PM Aug 21, 2011
When Jean and Russ Roth drive their tractors from Norwalk to the hayfield they farm in Collins, it takes about an hour.
1:00 PM Aug 21, 2011
County commissioners have a substantial case for selling the airport, according to a consulting firm's report.
6:00 AM Aug 21, 2011
Most prison inmates count down the weeks or months to freedom.
5:00 AM Aug 21, 2011
Documents recently filed in federal court show a Sandusky County Sheriff's detective had raised concerns about how deputies handled the July 11, 2010 standoff with Bryan Jones. Jones, 26, was ultimately shot and killed by deputies who stormed his family's Tiffin Road home that night.
11:10 PM Aug 20, 2011
Erie County tourism representatives are attempting to bring a multi-purpose facility to the area in the near future.
3:24 PM Aug 20, 2011
Perkins Township Police are asking for help identifying a woman suspected of credit card fraud.
3:23 PM Aug 20, 2011
Acting on a hunch an employee was stealing items, a loss-prevention worker at Kroger set up a hidden camera at the store's gas station.
3:00 PM Aug 20, 2011
The state of Ohio has updated its execution policy to require that all lethal injections be reviewed by an assistant appointed by the prisons department's director.
8:00 AM Aug 20, 2011
Three men convicted in the nightmarish slayings of three Cub Scouts went free Friday, nearly two decades after they were sent to prison in a case so gruesome it raised suspicions the children had been sacrificed in a Satanic ritual.
6:00 AM Aug 20, 2011
More than 100 mental health professionals, educators and law enforcement officials in Huron County attended an addiction seminar Thursday featuring nationally-known speaker Delbert Boone.
5:00 AM Aug 20, 2011