The Sandusky police launched an internal investigation last week to determine whether police gave preferential treatment to the son of city commissioner Julie Farrar, after receiving a written complaint last month that he was disrupting the neighborhood without consequence.
11:01 AM Jul 4, 2011
Leasing Ohio's busy toll road that links the East Coast with the Midwest has the potential to bring billions of dollars to the cash-strapped state. It also could bring higher tolls and drive more traffic onto routes that meander through small towns, opponents say.
9:01 AM Jul 4, 2011
A recently installed surveillance camera will monitor Peddler's Alley, a fact downtown business owners and residents hope will deter potential criminals.
6:01 AM Jul 4, 2011
Check out the list of Fourth of July fireworks displays and activities in the area here.
8:08 PM Jul 3, 2011
With about five weeks left before the filing deadline, only three people have confirmed they will be contenders for the five city commission seats on the ballot this fall.
5:04 PM Jul 3, 2011
Carol Knapp took over in March as the executive director of the Huron County Development Council, a nonprofit agency funded in part by the Huron County Commissioners. She formerly worked in economic development for nine years in Richland County.
4:48 PM Jul 3, 2011
With her tongue panting fast, head spinning and tail twirling, whippet-Border collie mix Jetzy emphatically wanted to run.
11:01 AM Jul 3, 2011
Many pit bull owners in Erie County say it's unfair their dogs are considered vicious just because of the animal's breed.
6:02 AM Jul 3, 2011
A Marblehead landmark will be temporarily closed to the public.
8:00 AM Jul 2, 2011
Sandusky firefighters say a June 22 fire in an A Street home was likely no accident.
6:03 AM Jul 2, 2011
This was the wettest Ohio spring in more than 100 years, leaving farm fields swamped and crop plantings delayed for weeks.
5:02 AM Jul 2, 2011
Three people accused of making and selling fake tickets to Cedar Point have been arrested on theft and forgery charges.
10:22 PM Jul 1, 2011
The Erie County Dog Pound has these dogs available for adoption:
3:02 PM Jul 1, 2011
A drunken pedestrian helped herself to a seat in a Huron police cruiser, according to a police report.
1:59 PM Jul 1, 2011
State officials say following too close and drunken driving are the most common causes of Fourth of July holiday weekend crashes in Ohio.
11:44 AM Jul 1, 2011