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City Commissioner Dave Waddington is taking aim at what he sees as the root of the city's problems with delinquent youth. "I'm looking at this problem, gangs and that,' Waddington said. "It's driven by poverty. ...I think a lot of people don't want to address that. That's a wheel that drives a lot of the need.'
8:00 AM Aug 12, 2011
A motorist who passed out while driving his car was arrested and hit with a slew of charges Monday, according to a Perkins police report.
6:00 AM Aug 12, 2011
(UPDATED 12:12 a.m. Friday) There's a massive melon miscommunication in Milan.
12:19 AM Aug 12, 2011
Emergency responders are clearing a crash that occurred on W. Main Street near Kilbourne Street in Bellevue on Thursday afternoon.
7:11 PM Aug 11, 2011
A Virginia company is recalling a cheddar cheese spread because of fears it's contaminated with salmonella.
6:41 PM Aug 11, 2011

Thank heavens Sandusky officials have finally addressed the latest terrible problem facing the city.

5:59 PM Aug 11, 2011
In yet another cost-saving measure at another local school district, Perkins Schools on Wednesday decided to lay off nine employees. Eight teachers' aides will lose their jobs, as well as one receptionist at the high school. Another five teachers' aides are being reassigned to less lucrative positions.
4:48 PM Aug 11, 2011
A suburban Cleveland mayor says an endangered bat is threatening plans to redevelop the site of an old auto plant.
4:39 PM Aug 11, 2011
This week's topics for Five Points with Emil and Andy were Sandusky's vacation rentals, salaries in Erie County and the Avengers filming at NASA Plum Brook.
4:29 PM Aug 11, 2011
A fella has to sell a lot of cars to buy a boat this big. And that fella is none other than Bryan Kasper, of Kasper Auto Group, whose gigantic South Bass Island shiphouse is slated to appear Friday on "MTV Extreme Cribs."
3:54 PM Aug 11, 2011
A Chrysler Group LLC request for a local tax break suggests the company plans to expand an Ohio Jeep plant and add more than 1,100 jobs.
2:01 PM Aug 11, 2011
NASA Plum Brook Center's Space Power Facility is being typecast as a "research facility" in "The Avengers," a new action adventure movie filming this week at NASA Plum Brook Station.
11:58 AM Aug 11, 2011
Funnel cakes, sausage sandwiches, walking tacos, fresh squeezed lemonade - is your mouth watering yet? We checked out some of the best eats and treats at this year's Erie County Fair.
9:02 AM Aug 11, 2011
A long-running cat-and-mouse game between a customer and a loss-prevention worker at Walmart in Perkins Township was put to rest on Monday. Perkins police arrested Lisa Canter, 36, of Castalia after she opened a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels and ate them in front of loss-prevention worker Ryan Dubsky, 32, of Norwalk, according to a police report.
6:00 AM Aug 11, 2011
The city has ordered property owners who have been renting out their houses as vacation homes to stop doing so or face criminal charges.
6:08 PM Aug 10, 2011