Attorneys for Colorado theater shooting suspect say court documents used to obtain the emails were too broad
6:00 AM Oct 19, 2013
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4:20 AM Oct 19, 2013
It is that time of year again when ferries to the islands slow down and businesses close their doors for the winter.
8:10 PM Oct 18, 2013
Obama nominates Jeh C. Johnson to replace Janet Napolitano
8:00 PM Oct 18, 2013
The area football stats after seven games.
6:45 PM Oct 18, 2013
Drunken man threatened sister, loaded shotgun, stabbed wall with knife.
6:35 PM Oct 18, 2013
An Ohio man who confessed in an online video to causing a fatal wrong-way crash after drinking faces 8 ½ years in prison, a $15,000 fine and the loss of driving privileges for life.
6:00 PM Oct 18, 2013
Sandusky city commissioner explains evaluation process for city manager
5:57 PM Oct 18, 2013
Read below to find out what is going on at The Pump this weekend.
5:30 PM Oct 18, 2013
Police say a man accused of having a duffel bag of weapons and threatening hospital staffers with a gun has been cited on misdemeanor charges in suburban Cincinnati.
5:12 PM Oct 18, 2013
Callers report driver walking away after causing three-car crash on Tyler Street.
4:38 PM Oct 18, 2013
International peace activist to speak in Fremont.
4:32 PM Oct 18, 2013
An Ohio grand jury has indicted a Cleveland man on charges in the 1994 slaying of a 30-year-old woman after new information recently surfaced in the disappearance of another young woman.
4:14 PM Oct 18, 2013
It all started out as a big joke
3:51 PM Oct 18, 2013