Q: The budget for 2012 showed that the Columbus Park roads(Boston, Memphis, Dallas, Denver, Hartford) were going to be resurfaced in 2012. London was done last year, which took about 4 months. Since it is into July already, is there any news as to when/if this project is still planned to be done this year? Driving down Boston is like driving through a War Zone. - Jason in Perkins
11:52 AM Jul 10, 2012

John Paul Morrow sent a letter to the editor on Monday in response to Sunday's "Between the Lines" column, "Grubbe's special club." Morrow, who has been closely affiliated with the Erie County Tea Party, makes some interesting points on a number of topics, including my perspective on the Fox News

11:24 AM Jul 10, 2012
Ohio Gov. John Kasich is giving some added authority to the federal ban on Lake Erie drilling.
11:22 AM Jul 10, 2012
Erie County deputies arrested a Clyde man on his way to dupe Sandusky cocaine buyers with baking soda Sunday night on Ohio 101 at the north city limits.
10:51 AM Jul 10, 2012
A federal judge has rejected an argument by Ohio's elections chief that an agreement over the handling of provisional ballots should come to an end.
10:00 AM Jul 10, 2012
A Willard woman ran over her brother with a car Sunday afternoon on Willard West Road, Huron County deputies said.
8:30 AM Jul 10, 2012
When Edward and Mary Weidenbener went to vote in Indiana's primary in May, they didn't realize that state law required them to bring government photo IDs such as a driver's license or passport.
6:00 AM Jul 10, 2012
Americans this week will get a reprieve from the stifling heat that has blanketed much of the country as temperatures begin approaching normal from the Midwest to the East Coast.
8:07 PM Jul 9, 2012
The storefront at 218 Columbus Ave. is about to be filled with election signs.
6:25 PM Jul 9, 2012
The Ohio Department of Health says methadone is responsible for one of every 10 accidental drug overdose deaths in the state.
4:46 PM Jul 9, 2012
Q: Last year when they had the tornadoes in Joplin, the hospital was nearly destroyed. What happens to patients in hospitals when something like this happens? What about my grandmother in a nursing home, or my elderly parents in an assisted living facility? How do you evacuate a hospital?
1:47 PM Jul 9, 2012
Q: When does the new texting and driving law go into effect? I still see people driving around while texting on their phones. - Pam in Perkins
12:28 PM Jul 9, 2012
The Ohio Department of Transportation has announced the following road construction projects for the week of July 9.
12:08 PM Jul 9, 2012
A year of record-high sales for the Ohio Lottery means its highest payout yet for public schools: $771 million.
11:35 AM Jul 9, 2012