A former Sandusky city commissioner contends area government officials stole his drawings and installed a copyrighted sign without consent.
2:24 PM Jun 20, 2012
The Ohio congressional candidate known as "Joe the Plumber" suggested in a campaign video that German gun controls contributed to deaths during the Holocaust because Jews didn't have firearms to defend themselves.
2:21 PM Jun 20, 2012

I am amazed at how my eating has changed in the past six months.  I no longer crave things that aren’t especially good for me.  When I go out I automatically look at the salad menu and don’t even think about having dessert. 

12:51 PM Jun 20, 2012
On Tuesday we answered a question about when the city will chose a new police chief. There is an update to the answer following a city meeting Tuesday evening.
12:12 PM Jun 20, 2012
Q: When will Sandusky decide on a new police chief? - Martha on Larchmont Drive
11:59 AM Jun 20, 2012
An angry crowd shouted protests Tuesday night as Huron School board members voted 3-2 to suspend superintendent Fred Fox and pursue termination proceedings against him.
10:55 AM Jun 20, 2012
The Republican-controlled House on Tuesday approved a bill that would allow the Border Patrol to circumvent more than a dozen environmental laws on all federally managed lands within 100 miles of the borders with Mexico and Canada.
10:00 AM Jun 20, 2012
A raging fire that caused $250,000 in damage to a Perry Street warehouse Monday could have been much worse, Sandusky firefighters said.
8:00 AM Jun 20, 2012
Recession-plagued states diverted scarce money away from pensions to pay for more immediate concerns, leaving a $757 billion hole in the retirement funds covering millions of public employees, according to a study released Monday.
6:00 AM Jun 20, 2012
States starting to turn the corner on their Great Recession budget woes are taking the cautious approach, socking away millions of dollars in rainy day funds rather than restoring spending for education, health care and social services.
8:07 PM Jun 19, 2012
A group of Roman Catholic nuns began a nine-state bus tour protesting proposed federal budget cuts Monday, saying they weren't trying to flout recent Vatican criticisms of socially active nuns but felt called to show how Republican policies are affecting low-income families.
5:07 PM Jun 19, 2012
A man who got trapped under a car when it plowed into a crowded street festival said the bystanders who lifted the vehicle off him might have saved his right leg from being amputated.
2:00 PM Jun 19, 2012
The Bryan Jones civil trial scheduled for late July will probably be delayed because of a recent appeals court ruling.
1:13 PM Jun 19, 2012
An Ohio Ethics Commission investigation of Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox centers on his friendship with Kalahari Resorts owner Todd Nelson.
12:42 PM Jun 19, 2012