A plunge in the price of natural gas has made it cheaper for utilities to produce electricity. But the savings aren't translating to lower rates for customers. Instead, U.S. electricity prices are going up.
10:00 AM Jul 12, 2012
Federal prosecutors say dozens of people associated with the Outlaws motorcycle gang have been arrested following raids in Indiana aimed at dismantling their criminal organization.
6:00 AM Jul 12, 2012
Q: I have a child with my 24-year-old boyfriend. He's never home to take care of things around the house and never spends time with us. He would rather stay out and kick it with his friends. And our bills are overdue because he can't pay his share. How do I get him to start living up to his responsibilities?
5:29 PM Jul 11, 2012
Area musicians and entertainers will perform at the Sandusky County Fairgrounds from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday to support the Sandusky County Food Pantry.
5:23 PM Jul 11, 2012

Below is an excerpt from a story in Tuesday's Register, and below that is an email the Register received from the resident directly impacted by the city's inability to followup and remove dead trees from city boulevards in a timely manner. 

5:13 PM Jul 11, 2012
Huron officials expect the city's most pressing project - aimed at anchoring a downtown waterfront renaissance - to reach a major benchmark months ahead of schedule.
4:58 PM Jul 11, 2012
Some cornstalks in fields around the farm where David Kellerman works stand tall, but appearances can be deceiving. When the husks are pulled back, the cobs are empty. No kernels developed as the plants struggled with heat and drought.
2:47 PM Jul 11, 2012
Part of a freight train carrying ethanol derailed and caught fire in Ohio's capital city early Wednesday, shooting flames skyward into the darkness and prompting the evacuation of a mile-wide area as firefighters and hazardous materials crews monitored the blaze.
1:41 PM Jul 11, 2012
Ohio is unconstitutionally diverting $140 million annually from gasoline sales to non-roadwork accounts for schools and cities through the misapplication of the state's updated business tax, according to a coalition of builders, contractors, construction companies and engineers.
12:46 PM Jul 11, 2012
Erie County deputies are looking for a man suspected of stealing more than $3,000 from Kalahari Resort's arcade on Friday.
12:43 PM Jul 11, 2012
A Norwalk man in jail on burglary charges is suing Erie County for his release.
12:43 PM Jul 11, 2012
Sandusky native Lew Goldfarb has an election year claim guaranteed to produce partisan controversy. He says that Democratic U.S. presidents do a better job of managing the economy than Republicans do.
9:00 AM Jul 11, 2012