Sandusky firefighters responded to two small fires this weekend.
4:37 PM Oct 21, 2013
For the past month, the Register has hosted ‘Debate Thursdays,’ a weekly gathering of candidates for the area’s November elections. Apparently they’re attracting a bit of attention, according to Huron Schools treasurer Mike Weis.
3:34 PM Oct 21, 2013

For this week, let’s just take a snapshot in time and review some of the city ordinances in effect in Sandusky in 1887. The Sandusky Library owns original copies of the ordinance book, published by I.F.

3:00 PM Oct 21, 2013
I have a new love.   Yes, I know I've already proclaimed that once on this blog before. I was talking about paddling. I still love it. I just also love caterpillars. Yes caterpillars, you read me right.    One of the cool things about being a naturalist is that I 'have' to learn about...
2:22 PM Oct 21, 2013
It was a gamble, providing tax breaks to Huron businesses, but it has parlayed into huge dividends for the entire community.
1:52 PM Oct 21, 2013
Kids bring back craft.
1:15 PM Oct 21, 2013
Register's election guide advertising deadline nears
1:00 PM Oct 21, 2013
Fresno property owners unhappy with prices offered for land needed for high-speed rail project
1:00 PM Oct 21, 2013

Cattle Spooked by Shutdown

12:47 PM Oct 21, 2013
As kids, it was actually fun to see leaves fall in autumn. That’s because one of our chores was to rake the leaves to the street and burn them. We didn’t have curbs and paved streets back then, just a layer of blacktop that was level with our yard.
12:37 PM Oct 21, 2013

An August rescue and release of a bald eagle on Middle Bass Island turned into an episode of Fear Factor for Back to the Wild’s Mona Rutger and her family.

12:30 PM Oct 21, 2013
Leadership is a forefront concern for Sandusky city commission candidates.
12:29 PM Oct 21, 2013
Strategy includes new dorms, buildings, athletic facilities; projected to cost about $100M.
12:28 PM Oct 21, 2013
Fans have the chance to vote for one of six nominees for the Football and Volleyball Player of the Week, brought to you by Norwalk Heating & Air!
11:45 AM Oct 21, 2013
There were once lots of copperheads living in Erie County. Copperhead snakes have largely disappeared, however, eliminated by changes in habitat and relentless persecution by their human enemies.
11:11 AM Oct 21, 2013