Well this week held a bit a triumph for me.  I made it to the gym three days in a row.  I’ll be honest, I can’t remember the last time that that has happened.  It’s been at least two months.   While I’ve been pretty frustrated over the past couple months, I felt as though this week was a bit of a...
1:01 PM Nov 5, 2012
That guy in Nigeria who emails you and offers you a fortune if you’ll help him get money out of the country? It’s a scam.
1:00 PM Nov 5, 2012
A mother's attempt to give her 2-year-old son a better view of wild African dogs turned into a fatal tragedy after the boy fell into the exhibit and was attacked by a pack of the animals as relatives and bystanders looked on.
11:02 AM Nov 5, 2012
For the past three years, the Internal Revenue Service hasn't been investigating complaints of partisan political activity by churches, leaving religious groups who make direct or thinly veiled endorsements of political candidates unchallenged.
9:00 AM Nov 5, 2012
As a kid I never much cared for parsnips. My dad was wild about them, but I was unmoved, figuring that if they were white and ended in "-nip," they must somehow be related to turnips. And I was definitely not a fan of turnips.
8:02 AM Nov 5, 2012
Ohio is considered a must-win state for both presidential campaigns, so it has been targeted with a flood of advertisements, not to mention the many campaign visits by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
8:00 AM Nov 5, 2012
A high survival rate of extremely premature babies at a Columbus hospital is drawing attention from other hospitals in the country and praise in a national medical journal.
6:00 AM Nov 5, 2012
Country singer Trent Jeffcoat may be touring in support of his latest effort “When I Find Me That Mountain,” but it was exactly 15 years ago when he climbed what is perhaps the biggest mountain of his life.
5:00 AM Nov 5, 2012
The following is the Ohio Department of Transportation construction report for the week of Nov. 5.
5:00 AM Nov 5, 2012
County-based candidates or groups spent $133,000 to promote their political platforms, according to a Register analysis of unofficial campaign finance reports filed with the Erie County Board of Elections.
2:00 PM Nov 4, 2012
The Civil War general from central Ohio is missing his head and left hand, but he still cuts an imposing figure — if you can find him.
1:01 PM Nov 4, 2012
A local Red Cross leader is making a plea for help.
11:00 AM Nov 4, 2012
President Barack Obama heads toward Election Day with an apparent lead over Republican Mitt Romney among early voters in key states that could decide the election.
9:00 AM Nov 4, 2012