A Massachusetts fisherman has caught a creepy-looking lobster that's colored to match Halloween.
7:01 PM Oct 31, 2012
Travelers stranded by Hurricane Sandy are seeing service slowly restored across the Northeast. But it'll be days before things are close to normal.
6:00 PM Oct 31, 2012

Q: I don't want to have any regrets in life. Will I regret breaking up with my boyfriend now that I’m in college? We've been together four years but we're both so young and there is so much we both want to do with our lives.

3:01 PM Oct 31, 2012
Local Red Cross officials are plying their trade near and far in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.
2:34 PM Oct 31, 2012
Well, I’ve done it! I have finally been able to jog a complete mile – without stopping. Took me little over 13 minutes, but I did it! I’m mighty proud. Thank you C25K program thing!   I’ve jumped a huge hurdle this past week, too! I went to a Halloween party; there was food everywhere and four...
2:12 PM Oct 31, 2012
The remnants Superstorm Sandy have also taken a toll on the area high school football playoffs.
1:25 PM Oct 31, 2012
Thousands of northern Ohio residents are still without power and hundreds of schools closed for a second day as the region cleaned up from superstorm Sandy.
1:18 PM Oct 31, 2012
Superstorm Sandy kicked up wicked winds, monstrous waves and heavy rain that eroded the Lake Erie shoreline, caused a large runoff of water and soil. (With video from Vermilion and Old Woman Creek)
11:08 AM Oct 31, 2012

The Sandusky History blog annouced this week there will be a program at the Sandusky Library on Saturday at 2 p.m. on the failed plot to free Confederate prisoners from Johnson's Island during the Civil War.

11:07 AM Oct 31, 2012
An Ohio teenager was found guilty of aggravated murder Tuesday for his role in a deadly plot to lure men desperate for work with phony Craigslist job offers.
9:00 AM Oct 31, 2012
Topnotch musicians coming to the area is nothing new; however, seeing prominent jazz musicians Euan Stevenson and Konrad Wiszniewski in local non-conventional settings is quite unique.
8:30 AM Oct 31, 2012