Q & A With America’s Real Estate Professor
10:36 AM Jan 10, 2013
Local bird enthusiasts are inviting children to get in on the fun with an annual event for the whole family.
10:03 AM Jan 10, 2013
A suburban Cleveland man has pleaded not guilty to inducing panic for a Facebook posting that cheered the school shootings in Newtown, Conn.
9:04 AM Jan 10, 2013
In a tribute to Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn, the public is invited to view a documentary about officers killed in the line of duty in 2011.
9:01 AM Jan 10, 2013
Get lots of this mighty mineral to lower blood pressure and keep your heart beating strong. Here’s how.
6:55 AM Jan 10, 2013
Almost 1.9 million Ohioans voted an absentee ballot in last year's election — a record number for the perennial presidential battleground state.
6:02 AM Jan 10, 2013
A “Freaky fast” sandwich shop is coming to Sandusky.
5:02 AM Jan 10, 2013
There’s an exciting game coming to Great Wolf Lodge this weekend and we think you should take the whole family out to enjoy it.
4:33 AM Jan 10, 2013
A 22-year-old Ohio man was arrested after authorities say he barked at a police dog during a traffic stop.
6:02 PM Jan 9, 2013
Here's the list of the 2013 RCA categories.
5:30 PM Jan 9, 2013
The War of 1812 is sometimes known as “America’s forgotten war,” but Ohio officials haven’t forgotten the state’s role in it.
4:05 PM Jan 9, 2013

Q: My boyfriend and I have been together eight months and we live together. We have been perfect since we got together, nothing but a few little nitpick arguments here and there. He has been perfectly open about his exes, more specifically the one he was on-and-off with for ten months.

3:01 PM Jan 9, 2013
A group of public directors recently created an elder financial fraud task force, aimed to reduce criminals exploiting area senior citizens.
2:20 PM Jan 9, 2013
Let me start this week by saying that I have never actually been physically beaten, but if I had, I think I would feel like I do right now.   This past week has been a real eye-opener for me, to say the least.  I mean, let's face it, we are taking somebody who used to go to work, come home, eat...
1:19 PM Jan 9, 2013