Local federal facilities reopened this week after legislators finally ended the government shutdown.
1:04 PM Oct 19, 2013
Comedian: Pope Francis would probably have hosted Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner at an iHop
1:00 PM Oct 19, 2013
The official Ohio High School Athletic Association computer ratings won't be released until Tuesday afternoon.
12:41 PM Oct 19, 2013
If you're not quite sure what sort of gift to give, or how to celebrate we've got you covered.
12:10 PM Oct 19, 2013
A Fremont woman accused of stealing an elderly woman’s purse and running up her credit cards was picked up Thursday on a felony warrant.
11:30 AM Oct 19, 2013
MetroParks to install lights at bark park
11:00 AM Oct 19, 2013
Norwalk police plan to increase traffic enforcement in order to reduce the risk of crashes for the remainder of October, according to a news release.
10:29 AM Oct 19, 2013
Some thieves target scrap metal, some target jewelry and some go for cash.
10:00 AM Oct 19, 2013
Firelands Montessori Academy hosting event in Huron.
9:40 AM Oct 19, 2013
A Sandusky police officer will be placed on unpaid leave after an internal investigation concluded he fell asleep on the job.
9:19 AM Oct 19, 2013
Agreement to end shutdown only temporarily avoids debt default that could cause recession
9:00 AM Oct 19, 2013
City workers discovered 50 feet of copper wire missing from Shoreline Park Tuesday morning.
8:28 AM Oct 19, 2013
Attorneys for Colorado theater shooting suspect say court documents used to obtain the emails were too broad
6:00 AM Oct 19, 2013
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4:20 AM Oct 19, 2013