Want to know more about Erie MetroParks and the Huron River Greenway?

Steve Dice and Kurt Landefeld of the Erie Metroparks were our guests for this week's Between the Lines.

5:20 PM Jul 27, 2011

Just in case you missed the live broadcast of Between the Lines this week, we have it here at sanduskyregister.com. Our guests this week were Funcoast editor Ashley Bethard, new cops and courts reporter Emil Whitis, and Sandusky city commissioner Dave Waddington.

5:19 PM Jul 27, 2011

During this week's Between the Lines we had Ashley Bethard of Funcoast, Sandusky Register reporter Alissa Widman and Dean Schnurr of BGSU Firelands College.

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5:18 PM Jul 27, 2011

Former Sandusky police Chief and city commissioner Kim Nuesse was our guest on Between the Lines this week. We also talked with Funcoast's Ashley Bethard and Sandusky Register reporter Andy Ouriel.

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5:17 PM Jul 27, 2011
Sandusky firefighters put out a shed fire in the 300 block of Neil Street before it could spread to surrounding buildings Wednesday afternoon.
4:43 PM Jul 27, 2011
Time to make the money.
3:00 PM Jul 27, 2011

Well another week has passed us. Nothing new to report this week. I am back on track and excited about the motivation I have right now.

I am back to following a six-day workout schedule. If I want to make up for lost time I gotta put in the extra effort and time.

2:53 PM Jul 27, 2011
At least two Sandusky youths are now facing attempted murder charges for a July 16 attack on a Ging Street man.
1:07 PM Jul 27, 2011
A voluntary recall of thousands of pounds of ready-to-eat chicken has been expanded over concerns that the meat could be contaminated with bacteria that can cause food poisoning.
10:45 AM Jul 27, 2011
Perkins Township's new building inspector says he's being harassed by longtime elected fiscal officer Diane Schaefer.
8:00 AM Jul 27, 2011
Stung by revelations that his plan would cut spending less than advertised, House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday postponed a vote on a debt-ceiling measure that was already running into opposition from tea party conservatives. The move came just a week before an Aug. 2 deadline for staving off the potential financial chaos of the nation's first-ever default.
6:00 AM Jul 27, 2011
Vermilion's furriest and most loyal police officer turned vicious within seconds. After spotting his target sprinting away in a grassy field, Andy lunged from a seated position and dashed toward the enemy about 100 feet away. When Andy caught up to the fugitive, the dog vaulted from the ground, attacked the criminal's left arm and quickly ended any threat the enemy posed.
5:00 AM Jul 27, 2011
An apple a day may keep the doctor away. But when you put it in a Happy Meal, it might help keep regulators at bay too.
5:15 PM Jul 26, 2011
Vermilion Schools is depending on community support to renovate buildings and consolidate the district into a single campus.
3:44 PM Jul 26, 2011
After weeks of considering whether to run for city commission, Dick Brady said he will not run to fill the remainder of his appointed term.
3:43 PM Jul 26, 2011