An angry bull charged at a woman Monday morning and attacked her father as he tried to help.
8:00 AM Sep 7, 2011
Two men decided to take matters into their own hands after one of their relatives told them she'd been abused by her boyfriend.
6:00 AM Sep 7, 2011
As a Vietnam veteran, George Keller sometimes wonders how he made it home safely when nearly 58,000 made the ultimate sacrifice.
5:00 AM Sep 7, 2011
A large yellow diamond seized in a federal drug and money laundering investigation in Ohio is going on the auction block with a minimum starting bid of $900,000.
5:09 PM Sep 6, 2011
Sports nutritionists are upping the ante for college sports programs.
3:07 PM Sep 6, 2011

Emil and Andy talk about the possible Frontier League stadium, their dream jobs and more.

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1:44 PM Sep 6, 2011

 The weeks since my past couple of blogs have gotten better. Last week started out with a new class taught by my personal trainer Trevor Tieche in the Bodi N Balance new fitness room. It was a boot camp style class, nonstop moving and about a minute at each of the 10 stations. 

1:31 PM Sep 6, 2011
Police say some Ohio State University seniors found the body of a suspected burglar and a lot of blood when they returned to their off-campus apartment from a Labor Day weekend away.
1:29 PM Sep 6, 2011
Want to find out what's going on Today by the Bay? Watch as Jason Werling and Sarah Weber talk about the weather and birthdays on the North Coast.
1:18 PM Sep 6, 2011

 Things are going good for me. My husband has knowledge about getting fit and he has started to step in and help me finish this challenge, as well as changing our entire family's lifestyle, not just mine. 

10:36 AM Sep 6, 2011

 Four-day weekends are rough on the schedule and diet, especially when three fantasy football drafts, high school football game (good job Blue Streaks), wedding and Labor Day bash are all-must-attend events. 

10:33 AM Sep 6, 2011
An increased demand for alternative sentencing -- and a need to help felons transition back into the community -- is bringing a halfway house to Sandusky.
8:00 AM Sep 6, 2011
A federal magistrate has recommended a judge dismiss brutality claims a woman has made against Norwalk police.
5:00 AM Sep 6, 2011
The job market is even worse than the 9.1 percent unemployment rate suggests.
3:00 PM Sep 5, 2011